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a literary work based partly or wholly on fact but written as if it were fiction

writing in a fictional form

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Huyghe offers no answers, but he makes these complex problems of time, fictionalization, and memory painfully clear in his riveting double loop.
But Amjad Nasser is one step ahead of us: he amplifies the fictionalization of places by naming Younis' home "Na-Koja-Abad," a Persian term coined by Sohravardi, meaning: The land of nowhere.
It is not that we do not have the calibre of people to lead the state; not that we do not have the material or means to campaign, but we frittered away the opportunity because of disunity, internal wrangling and fictionalization, he said.
Where there is no evidence and no one to accuse, O'Reilly often substitutes leading questions and fictionalization for evidence.
Another area of fictionalization involves Trumbo's daughter, Nikola.
The art historian's fictionalization of the life of a fascinating figure is remarkable and worthwhile.
Such conversations lead the three to come to terms with the trauma they face and the despair that surrounds them in a novel that offers the reader a true-seeming fictionalization of the disaster that decimated Haiti's capital.
Eby analyzes Theodore Dreiser's 1915 novel The "Genius," a fictionalization of his marriage to Sara White Dreiser that famously rejected the institution, in relation to a 1911 version titled The Genius.
The End is Only the Beginning" is a meditation, stripped of the fictionalization of "Interrupted Journey," on the ethics of employing, rather than holding accountable, Nazi rocket scientists connected with wartime atrocities.
Cattle Kate offers a fictionalization of a dark story in the history of the American West as it follows the history of one Cattle Kate, the only woman ever lynched as a cattle rustler.
All in all, one had the impression that the curator's main interest was a nostalgia trip and that this endeavor was less addressed to the present or future than to a fictionalization of the past.
In Carter's fictionalization of the event, Margo finds herself drawn into a "bizarre concatenation of circumstances" that anoint her liaison between Khrushchev and Kennedy.
At least, it would have been important to incorporate in more detail the studies by Stefan Leder on the development of the khabar--style in Arabic prose (Leder is merely listed in the bibliography) and by Sebastian Gunther on fictionalization in hadith (missing), both of which take a different approach.
In the introduction, Donahue explores the strained relationship between facticity and fictionalization in the visual and literary representation of the Holocaust against the backdrop of recent cultural and political currents in German-Jewish-American discourse.
But, as Charlotte Lacoste says, in the spirit of Claude Lanzmann, it is only one step from fictionalization to falsification.