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a literary work based partly or wholly on fact but written as if it were fiction

writing in a fictional form

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What unites Cervantes and Shakespeare under the tutelage of Montaigne is their shared resort to this "ironic tactic" in their connected fictionalizations of the savage.
In referring to fictionalization I am not returning to the vexed issue of whether Dan is writing the text but rather to a process that takes place within his consciousness, to the simple fact that, as Morris Beja wrote; 'Charlotte is less a real being than a creation of Dan Ruttle's'.
In his fictionalization of the famous Sandbar Fight in Lancelot, Percy has fishes in the river feeding on human flesh.
A few years earlier, in Philip Roth: Countertexts, Counterlives (2004), Debra Shostak explored the theme of Roth's fictionalization of (personal) history in what could be called the "multiple possibilities of the subject.
It said that the Ministry of Human Rights was not in a position to operate the fund without necessary amendments in Women distress and detention fund act 1996, adding that the fictionalization of this fund is beneficial for all classes of women throughout the country.
Stovel begins with an overview of the series, examining the "mythical microcosm of Manawaka" (155) not as the fictionalization of Laurence's hometown of Neepawa, but as "'a town of the mind" (quoted in Stovel 155).
Nwachukwu-Agbada considers Children of the Eagle, a novel by another female Nigerian novelist, Akachi Adimora-Ezeigbo, a fictionalization of African female elites' interrogations of and censures against extant patriarchal practices in traditional African societies and highlights her application of tropes that set in relief these imputations.
He has merged various women in RRV s life into the Sugandha character - so it's not just one woman - and then of course there is the author's creative license, some dramatization and fictionalization.
The effects of mass media attention and fictionalization are interwoven, in part to develop a concept of model theory.
Fielding's fictionalization of Hamilton's story serves as an attempt to render as legitimate "bodies that have been regarded as false, unreal, and unintelligible" (Butler, "Bodily Inscriptions," 101), while implying something even more radical (at least in the context of eighteenth-century experiments with genre): that unintelligible bodies can be contained and disciplined by narrative.
We are dealing in this excerpt with the fictionalization and star characters described by Marc Auge, Regis Debray, Christian Metz, and Edgar Morin.
The fictionalization of a true story, "The Wolf at Twilight" is an intriguing and thought provoking read that should not be missed.
This juxtaposition of truth and fictionalization has potentially serious implications for the reader's acceptance of the story, as well as for the impact it has on the lives of those narrated.
Bakr's novel is a fictionalization of this forgotten slice of Egyptian military history.
Sebald's reaction to it in his 2001 novel Austerlitz evokes a dimension that is essential to Adler's fictionalization of his experiences in The Journey: "In its almost futuristic deformation of social life, the ghetto system had something incomprehensible and unreal about it, even though Adler objectively describes it to the last detail.