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Synonyms for fictional

Synonyms for fictional

consisting or suggestive of fiction

Synonyms for fictional

related to or involving literary fiction


formed or conceived by the imagination

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His book, called Nettle Grabbers, is a fictionalised account of that struggle and draws heavily on real events, such as the Birmingham pub bombings and the bombing of the telephone exchange in Coventry in 1974, for its drama.
According to The Guardian, Mason-John's book is a fictionalised account of her own childhood, which was spent in a Dr Barnardo's Village before she returned to live with her mother at the age of 12.
Dreamgirls is the fictionalised saga of a Supremes-style girl group, The Dreams, whose star exits in Diana Ross' diva-like fashion to go solo and make movies.
A gloriously entertaining and loosely fictionalised account of a real trip undertaken by MoyesO grandmother.
This fictionalised account tells of her battles with the publisher over the right to publish in full the no-holds-barred account, and the growing relationship between her and Slade - whose husband was financing a terrace of houses Slade's lover was designing in Deptford, London.