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Synonyms for fictionalisation

a literary work based partly or wholly on fact but written as if it were fiction

writing in a fictional form

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Collingwood-Whittick, Sheila 2002 Autobiography as Autrebiography: The Fictionalisation of the Self in J.
In both these texts, as in the stories discussed in the latter half of this article, Davis's application of Leiris's techniques is always veiled: either by fictionalisation or other forms of displacement.
Jaubert's book has splendid examples of the fictionalisation of the life of Lenin, the elimination of embarrassing personages on group photos with despots, be they Hitler or Stalin, the amazing efforts to cut out undesirables on the May Day photos at the Kremlin.
She adds that it is simply a lack of confidence which prevents her from writing purely historical novels, leading her to the fictionalisation process and bookending stories of the past with a contemporary context.
Tucker is widely seen as a thinly veiled fictionalisation of New Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell.
This can sometimes be best realised by the fictionalisation of experience.
For children Amos and Bertha, the Dragons of Mount Pilatus by Irene Ritter is a fictionalisation of a local legend Richly illustrated the book brings out the special aura of mystery that surrounds the mountain Available from Mount Pilatus Railways tel 041/329 1113 or fax 041/329 1112 www.
Mr Nettleship came to take pride in his fictionalisation as the severe potions wizard Professor Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series that made Rowling a multi-millionaire.
A fictionalisation of Danny Wallace's best-selling memoir, somewhere in all this is a Capra-esque fable about the need to reach out to others.
This fascinating fictionalisation of the life of Ian Curtis and his band Joy Division is an incredible insight into the reasons behind his suicide as his band were approaching their peak.
138 and 144) on the part of Alice Thumb, one of Mavis's inferior avatars on the scale of creativity, (29) whilst waiting to be further transformed at some higher level of fictionalisation.
A sobering study of the roots of fascism, with references to the likes of anti-Nazi heroine Sophie Scholl, Dennis Gansel's film is a transposition of a 1981 American TV movie which, like Morton Rhue's 1988 novel, was a fictionalisation of an actual experiment carried out in 1967 by Californian history teacher Palo Alto who, in turn, served as the film's adviser.
5) This fictionalisation confirms that the difficulty of reconciling a writing career with the demands of the family is an ongoing problem that will be handed over from mother to daughter despite changing contexts and circumstances.
Evans has recently become involved in yet another project called Baghdad Blog, a fictionalisation of the Baghdad Blogger who was serialised in The Guardian.
On the other, in his kitsch, knowing 50s style fictionalisation of Mizer and his harmless frolics, he seemed to be after a physique photography Ed Wood.