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Synonyms for fictional

Synonyms for fictional

consisting or suggestive of fiction

Synonyms for fictional

related to or involving literary fiction


formed or conceived by the imagination

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The physical depiction of violence is a common factor in fictional ("dramatized") media, but not as much in non-fictional ("real-world").
My favorite fictional characters are Chip and Dale from Disney.
Schiffer calls this use of fictional names the hypostatizing use.
If one regards a particular fictional text F as consisting of a set of syntactically individuated English sentences, then the question for artefactualists to answer is this: How can the author of F literally create various fictional entities merely by writing down or typing out the sentences composing F?
Newt Scamander is the fictional author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.
Moreover, Rosales Herrera's reading emphasizes the subtle bond between autobiographical acts and fictional accounts in the interpretation of these two novels as testimonies of multiple selves of both an author and his primary protagonist.
TV executive Jeff Olde said that show would take viewers into a world they are intensely interested in, and will offer a fictional look behind the very public gilded facade of the palace gates so that viewers can imagine the private, lush, fun, sexy world of the most-watched celebrity family on the planet.
In her seminal work Fiction and Metaphysics (1999), Thomasson provided a comprehensive and detailed theory of the supervenience base of fictional characters and other artistic artifacts.
She creates worlds where the familiar can ' transform toby making fictional and non-fictional realities collide
Summary: London: A watch adapted for the fictional British spy 007 in the James Bond movies .
Refuting rumours that his upcoming movie Once Upon A Time in Mumbi Again (OUA TIMMA) is based on the lives of two underworld dons - Dawood Ibrrahim and Chota Rajan - Akshay Kumar said it is a fictional story with no real life characters.
CHILDREN from Mount Pleasant School, Lockwood, dressed as their favourite fictional characters for World Book Day, on Friday.
The preface explains what the authors mean by fictional narrative and why it's important to teach students to do this kind of writing.
Alan Palmer and Lisa Zunshine have published two important monographs (respectively Fictional Minds and Why We Read Fiction), which Herman himself lists under the heading of "Issues of Consciousness Representation" in the entry "Cognitive Narratology" for the de Gruyter Handbook of Narratology.
Nigel Rock, a former Stratford District councillor for Stockton and Napton, has published a fictional novel called Sure Strike which is based on real events of the period and what might have been, mixed with stories from his own family.