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Synonyms for fictional

Synonyms for fictional

consisting or suggestive of fiction

Synonyms for fictional

related to or involving literary fiction


formed or conceived by the imagination

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My favorite fictional characters are Chip and Dale from Disney.
As with the other chapters in his book, the critic presents an indepth reading of the narrative in question by drawing attention to the hybrid quality of the work (part theatrical piece and part novel) and the merging lives of Perera and her fictional character, Ina.
FICTIONAL FAVOURITES: Main picture - children in costume for World Book Day at Mount Pleasant School, and above in close-up Tasmia Taimur, Mariam Freegah and Maryam Arfan Pictures by Julian Hughes (JH080313Ebook-01/04)
Just as functionalism has led to important scientific discoveries, defining fictional characters in functionalist terms has yielded deep insights, well exemplified by Palmer's and Zunshine's books.
Some of the events told by his parents have been a framework of fact around which the fictional story has been woven.
Ward says: "I rely on friends and neighbours to help out with the horses and running Fictional Account in the Gold Cup is a big adventure for us.
With their non-interest to reveal fictional voters, the Albanian politicians provide their Macedonian colleagues with an unseen commodity.
So while the Duff beer brand is probably as well known as Carlsberg, what intellectual property rights does Fox have to the Duff name given that it is purely fictional and they do not themselves sell beer?
Gandhi, Cleopatra, Sir Walter Raleigh, General Montgomery; and Boudica were also thought to be fictional characters.
A us government report has criticised Kazakhstan over moves to suppress fictional character Borat.
Their current practice is to simplify their investment decisions by positing a generic fictional shareholder who is undiversified in his investments as the person to whom they hold themselves accountable.
In response to the letter by Walter Williams wanting to read more fictional stuff in the Post, and not worrying about his health: What sane person would not be concerned about their health?
In A Fictional History of the United States: With Huge Chunks Missing (Akashic), T Cooper and Adam Mansbach have edited a collection of groundbreaking fictional accounts of some of the country's funniest and most obscure lore.
It's a short leap from the fictional hysteria of Ferrigno to the real, talk radio--fed hysteria of the current crisis.
My feeling while reading this book was: these fictional people are too beautiful, too wealthy, too talented and too successful for me.