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susceptible to being led or directed


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capable of being molded or modeled (especially of earth or clay or other soft material)

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All guests can familiarize and try themselves in Origami (the art of making different figures out of paper), Ikebana (the art of flowers' arrangement), to take part in Tea ceremony, to try on Japan summer kimono, to taste Japan cuisine, to make sandals, to enjoy Japan massage and to express their talent in calligraphy and fictile art during the Festival.
Stefan Helgesson, for example, argues that Vladislavic's prose "underscores that writing is fashioned out of a determinate material, not unlike fictile objects" (2003: 8), while Jack Kearney, in a review of The Folly, observes that Vladislavic indirectly seems to perceive a "resemblance between his own fictional enterprise and that of Nieuwenhuizen" who busies himself in planning and pacing out a puzzling, fanciful subterranean new South African self-build bunker palace (1994:93) with all the dedicated enterprise of an author wistfully conceptualising a madcap monument to the language he loves, and fears losing.
Plate III in Household Furniture, entitled 'Room Containing Greek Fictile Vases', may depict this room, which has a flat ceiling, suggesting that it cannot have been in that part of the east wing of the courtyard built by Adam, where the ceilings had a segmental profile.
First, clay is eminently plastic; unlike stone, wood or fibre, it has no 'grain' or texture of its own; it is therefore fictile, and can be modelled into any form characteristic of the natural 'grain' or texture of any other material; all objects of pottery are therefore literally figments of the potter's will, fictions (to vary the phrase) of his memory and imagination.
Unlike the potter, who manipulates and forms the fictile clay on the wheel into a fragile wet vessel and eventually fired, Bonmatin places a big soft firm lump of plaster in the centre of the wheel and carves it into what will become the model on which the mould will be made.