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a lightweight triangular scarf worn by a woman

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I was tall and spindly as a fichus tree with red hennaed hair that hung in thin strands down my back.
From the beginning of lace patterns from basic edgings, to the sophistication of lace patterns employed with the making of scarves, shawls, capes, and fichus, "Victorian Lace Today" offers comprehensive descriptions of the tools and techniques of lace knitting suitable for the beginning novice, with sufficient expertise and information to interest the more experienced knitter.
Horta 60) // Hijos de puta (Pujol 298) those bastards (AFTA 187) // quei bastardi (Pivano 195) // ces salauds (Coindreau 21)//estos puercos (Horta 191)//esos hijos de mala madre (Pujol 390) we are cooked (AFTA 187) // siamo fritti (Pivano 195) // nous sommes fichus (Coindreau 221)//estamos perdiclos (Horta 191)// estamos fritos (Pujol 390) this bloody train (AFTA 232)//questo maledetto treno (Pivano 242) //ce sacre train (Coindreau 273-274)//este maldito tren (Horta 238)//estejodido tren (Pujol 424) I'm so--sleepy (AFTA 189)//Sono talmente .
Joha is Jewish play with Middle-Eastern fichus (pedigree).
The result is a two-row SportTrac-like vehicle with a rugged cargo bed that can accommodate everything from fichus trees to snow boards.
The most obvious difference between Prud'hon's visions of such delicate concepts as "reason speaks, pleasure entraps" or "virtue struggling with vice" and Greuze's titillating improvisations on lost innocence is that Prud'hon always presents his characters in the trappings of the classical past, including the nudity of classical sculpture, rather than the ribbons and fichus of eighteenth-century dress.
Bordered by a tree-lined plaza with marble benches, the building features a four-story atrium with 20-foot high live Fichus trees, umbrella-covered seating, an art gallery, news and sundries shop, and a 16-monitor high-tech video wall that doubles as the backdrop for live performances.