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the outer and thinner of the two bones of the human leg between the knee and ankle


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A statement said: "Luka Modric suffered a fracture to his fibula on Saturday which does not require surgery and simply requires the wearing of an aircast protective boot.
The device is implanted into the fibula through a small incision less than an inch long.
The average recovery time for a broken ankle is about 12 weeks but it would be up to nine months afterwards before it's fully healed, the swelling is reduced and the fibula is back to full strength.
He broke his fibula - the small bone - in three places, so they've had to piece it together and put a plate across it on the outside of his ankle.
Got an X-ray this morning on my injury and I have fractured my fibula.
But as the swelling got worse, he eventually took himself to A&E where he had an X-ray and doctors confirmed that he had broken his fibula.
The Macedonian tour operator Fibula International is going to bring guests from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia this summer and plans to offer Macedonia at the tourism markets in Romania and Germany for the next season.
O'Regan (pictured), who broke the top of the fibula on his right leg in a hurdles fall at Kempton last month, said: "I've been working hard at Oaksey House and my physio is happy.
DENIS O'REGAN will be out of action for up to four weeks with a fractured fibula.
The Magpies confirmed the injury to be a broken tibia and fibula of Ben Arfa's left leg.
The Boro midfielder has joined in with the senior squad again after recovering from his fractured fibula.
The centre-back broke his tibia and fibula while playing for his Sunday side Cheylesmore against Royal Hotel on April 10.
Davies stayed in the Royal Lancaster Hospital overnight with a broken fibula and tibia.
3 Doctors then inserted the fibula part into a hollowed-out section of a cadaver's humerus.