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Democrats whom I asked about Fabian's Fibs went pale - but didn't deny it.
A survey carried out by a women's magazine has found that ladies in the Midlands frequently fib about their partner's performance.
As the title suggests, the book is about big fibs and little fibs - about how people cope with the problems of life.
Given the economic slow down, asset quality at FIBS has declined and may worsen further in the near term.
com survey also revealed the average person will tell a whopping four lies a day and men tell the most fibs - five a day against three told by women.
Sir - Shock horror, the end of civilisation, Labour Cllr Nigel Dix exposes politicians telling fibs.
FIBS recently announced its intent to acquire for $251.
Despite his fibs, he still won a pounds 100,000-a-year job with Apprentice boss Sir Alan Sugar.
FIBS has also shown sound asset quality over a variety of economic conditions.