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Synonyms for fibrousness

the quality of being fibrous


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Proposal to use time spent chewing as an index of the extent to which diets for ruminants possess the physical property of fibrousness characteristic of roughages.
Lyon's studies focus on determining how sensory attributes such as size of the bolus (mass of chewed food) or meat fibrousness are related to changes and improvements in the production process.
The latter depends on saliva flow and, consequently, chewing activity, which may be impaired when cows are consuming feed with a low physical fibrousness (Balch, 1971).
In addition to the CT-dependent property, legume hay is assumed to have the potential of balancing the above mentioned negative effects in cows grazing young grass as hay is supposed to have more physical fibrousness than fresh forage.
They have to balance a potential lack of the grass in physical fibrousness and, at the same time, the excessive metabolic N load resulting from the often high content of rapidly degradable protein in the grass.