fibrous tissue

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tissue consisting of or containing fibers in both animals and plants

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3) When this tumor arises in children, it has been named the juvenile aggressive cemento-ossifying fibroma, which presents at an earlier age & is more aggressive clinically & more vascular at pathologic examination (5) with capsule composed of metaplastic bone, fibrous tissue and varying amounts of osteoid.
3) We describe a benign bone lesion in an adult patient; the tumor consisted of a mass of foam cells and scanty fibrous tissue with no giant cells or cholesterol clefts and presented in this unusual location.
FMD is an accumulation of fibrous tissue in the arteries - most often those in the kidney or neck - causing them to narrow.
As a result of trauma, transudative fluid accumulate in subcutaneous tissue which becomes encapsu-lated by fibrous tissue ultimately a synovial like membrane develops, producing fluid that is similar to joint fluid although it differs in viscosity and mucin clot (Mcllwraith, 2002).
Specifically, the data show that fibrous tissue formation around PEEK implants may be due to the creation of an inflammatory environment.
An important component of the fibrous tissue capsule formation surrounding implants is neovascularization.
Blocking its action in this cell type forestalled pathways for hypertrophy, fibrosis, and angiogenesis by stopping the unbridled TGF-beta signaling, which is typically observed in heart failure, in all other non-muscle types of cells in blood vessels and fibrous tissue.
Magnetic resonance imaging is usually nonspecific, and it can even be misleading in light of the lack of good demonstrations of bone and fibrous tissue.
But we have a lot of work to do before we know how to guide stem cells into hyaline cartilage so they don't end up in hypertrophic cartilage or calcification or fibrous tissue," said Dr.
Closer examination revealed an apparent gallstone connected to the ovary by dense fibrous tissue (Figure 2).
This is a collection of fluid in the fibrous tissue around each testicle.
The inquest was told that Mrs Field, of Quinton, Birmingham, suffered from a rare condition in which her bone marrow was replaced by fibrous tissue, so that if she underwent surgery, she could bleed more than an average patient.
Ligaments are strong bands of fibrous tissue which hold the bone ends together and are found both on the inside and the outside of the knee.
While there are uncertainties about whether radon poses additional hazards--such as the development of fibrous tissue in the lung--the NRC concludes that radon's carcinogenicity has been "convincingly documented.
First, patients with ruptured Achilles tendons undergo surgery where the damaged, fibrous tissue in the Achilles tendon is removed and then a new method of suturing is used where a series of single locking-loop stitches secure tendon ends to bone by tying the sutures to a staple or screw.