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a covering material made of glass fibers in resins


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From 1958 to 1978, NBS provided over 300 pairs of "calibrated thermal conductivity reference specimens" [7], commonly known to industry and government as "NBS Fibrous Glass Board.
Copy of 1978 announcement for NBS SRM 1450, Fibrous Glass Board.
Data sets representing Standard Reference Material (SRM) 1450, Fibrous Glass Board, subsequent renewals 1450a, 1450b, 1450c, and 1450d, as well as undeveloped 1450 SRMs have been re-analyzed in this investigation.
Appendix J--Addendum on NBS Fibrous Glass Board and SRMs 1450-1450d
In terms of health and safety, fibrous glass insulation is "one of the most highly tested and well documented goods on the market," said Jeffrey Hire, manager, industry and market analysis for Construction Products, Owens-Corning.
The Swagelok tubing bundle is insulated with non-wicking, fibrous glass insulation and covered with a tough PVC or urethane jacket.
Key words: building technology; fibrous glass blanket; guarded hot plate; thermal conductivity; thermal insulation; thermal resistance; uncertainty.
Owens-Corning entered into this partnering arrangement with Jacobs Sirrine to continue its focus on new technology associated with its core businesses (the world's leading manufacturer of fibrous glass products).
The report concluded, "No lung fibrosis was observed in the fibrous glass exposed animals.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA); "The casual relationship between fibrous glass exposure and the development of respiratory cancer is.