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having or resembling fibers especially fibers used in making cordage such as those of jute


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(of meat) full of sinews

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Paratesticular fibrous pseudotumours (PFPs) are rare, benign lesions believed to result from fibroinflammatory processes.
Malignant fibrous histiocytoma, also known as pleomorphic undifferentiated sarcoma not otherwise specified, arises in numerous organs.
The Glasgow-based medical products business - Collagen Solutions on Monday has made an announcement on its settlement of new contract with Globus Medical Inc for the supply of fibrous collagen powder to be utilized in the production of bone grafting products of Globus.
A female member of a hook-and-loop fastener formed of a fibrous material, the female member engageable with a mating male member, the female member comprising: a plurality of lines of dense fiber portions in which the fibrous material has a high basis weight; and a plurality of lines of sparse fiber portions provided between the dense fiber portions, the fibrous material in the sparse fiber portions having a basis weight lower than in the dense fiber portions, and wherein the dense fiber portions are continuous convex ribs which are formed on the fibrous material being piled up, and the sparse fiber portions are continuous concave grooves provided between the ribs.
Fibrous feedstuffs are expected to reduce aggressive behaviours.
8,685,419 B2; L'Oreal, Paris, has been awarded a patent for a cosmetic composition that is comprised of, in an cosmetically acceptable medium, at least one colorant comprising an inorganic fibrous matrix with tunnels; and at least one organic dye compound incorporated at least partially in the tunnels; wherein at least 30% of the total weight amount of organic dye is included in the channels of the fibrous matrix, the organic dye compound is an indigoid, and a weight ratio of organic dye compound to inorganic fibrous matrix is greater than or equal to 0.
As part of the chronic inflammatory reaction working through complex cytokine signaling interactions, activated fibroblasts exit near-by vascularity, migrate to the area surrounding the implant, and work closely with macrophages in an effort to seal the implanted material away from the body within a layer of fibrous tissue.
The thinnest fibrous casing ever produced by ViskoTeepak is also our most recent innovation.
3 Fibroblasts produce a plug of fibrous tissue within the clot and new skin tissue forms beneath.
Patent 8,383,704 (February 26, 2013), "Process for Producing Molded Propylene Polymer Product Containing Fibrous Inorganic Filler," Atsushi Takeuchi, Shinichi Yamamoto, and Takashi Kishimoto (Honda Motor Co.
The differential diagnosis of primary sarcomatoid tumors of the lung and pleura includes sarcomatoid carcinoma, sarcomatoid mesothelioma, pleuropulmonary sarcomas, and solitary fibrous tumors.
Theory of structure and mechanics of fibrous assemblies.
The native ECM is in the nanoscale fibrous network structure (18).
The Mikro Mak Mill is part of the established Air Classifier Mill range from Hosokawa Micron and has been developed to size reduce natural fibrous materials such as wood, cellulose, grain, bran, corn, peas and reeds in a single stage operation.