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inflammation of white fibrous tissues (especially muscle sheaths)

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They began talking, the subject of fibrositis came up, and the Brigadier informed our hero he should take Kruschen salts in hot water or tea every morning for at least five weeks.
The antecedents of this verbal exchange relate to Miller being a fighter pilot during the war, while Bradman never went to battle, as he suffered fibrositis, a nervous muscular complaint, and had been discharged from the army in 1941.
It was first described in 1955 by Konwaler et al, who called the lesion subcutaneous pseudosarcomatous fibromatosis, t In the early 1960s, the disease became known as nodular fasciitis; other terms used in the literature include proliferative fasciitis, infiltrative fasciitis, productive fasciitis, subcutaneous fibromatosis, and nodular fibrositis.
FIBROMYALGIA syndrome (FMS) formerly known as fibrositis is a painful, debilitating condition that affects the muscles, tendons and ligaments.
His doctor says is there's nothing much wrong - he only has fibromyalgia - previously called fibrositis.
Since William Gowers first described the condition in 1904, it has been called fibrositis, fibromyositis, myofibrositis, muscular rheumatism, tension myalgia, myalgia, rheumatic myositis, and myelogelosis.
FMS used to be called fibrositis, implying there was inflammation in the muscles, but research later proved that this inflammation did not exist.
In the past, this painful condition drew labels such as fibrositis, fibromyositis, or, in some cases, psychogenic rheumatism.
As well as anxiety and depression, it is said to help obsessive compulsive disorders, fibrositis, migraines, improving sleep and as an appetite suppressant for those needing to lose weight.
The patient's anger at the need to go to five to ten doctors for the correct diagnosis, although the ailment was in medical books, originally called fibrositis, as early as the 1880s.