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Non-ossifying fibroma (fibrous cortical defect or metaphyseal fibrous defect) is also a lesion that is a developmental abnormality where there is a defect in ossification.
With symptoms persisting the patient underwent exploration of the area under general anaesthesia and histopathology (which had previously been negative) now revealed desmoplastic fibroma.
Lesions under the skin include plantar fibroma, inclusion cyst, or ganglion cyst.
Psammomatoid ossifying fibroma of the paranasal sinuses--an extragnathic variant of cemento-ossifying fibroma: report of three cases.
More rare entities include fibroma, leiomyoma, extramedullary hemato poiesis, hemangioma, and juxtaglomerular cell tumors; however, there are no definitive imaging features of these entities that would obviate pathologic diagnosis.
Review of the histology (figure 2, A) suggested a low-grade malignancy, and the diagnosis of a low-grade chondromyxoid neoplasm was made, with a differential diagnosis of chondromyxoid fibroma, chondrosarcoma, and chondroblastic osteosarcoma.
In contrast, ossifying fibroma and fibrous dysplasia would less likely be confused with this entity as the latter lesions have a more prominent collagenous spindle cell stroma.
Postinflammatory tumors of the lung; report of four cases simulating xanthoma, fibroma, or plasma cell tumor.
6%) of leiomyoma, desmoplastic fibroma (figure 3), osteoma, and myoepithelioma.
5) Benign intrascrotal extratesticular lesions include EICs, adenomatoid tumor of the epididymis, fibroma, lip oma, and cholesterol granuloma.
The differential diagnosis included pleural fibroma, sarcoma, and paraganglioma.
Fibroma and fibrothecoma of the ovary: MR imaging findings.
Of the variety of benign lesions encountered in the present series, the most common were hemangioma (5/22 [23%]) and ossifying fibroma (4/22 [18%]).