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Histopathology revealed benign respiratory mucosa and areas of trabecular bone consistent with juvenile ossifying fibroma (Figures 3a, 3b).
The simple odontogenic fibroma composed of stellate fibroblasts, in a whorled pattern mixed into a back ground of ground substance with or without odontogenic rests.
Diagnoses n % Keratocystic odontogenic tumor 40 51 Ameloblastoma 18 23 Odontoma 13 17 Odontogenic myxoma 2 3 Calcifying cystic odontogenic tumor 2 3 Cementoblastoma 1 1 Central odontogenic fibroma 1 1 Calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumor 1 1 Total 78 100 Table 2--Cases diagnosed distributed by gender.
Partial abdominal exenteration, ex vivo resection of a large mesenteric fibroma, and successful orthotopic intestinal autotransplantation.
Cardiac fibroma is a rare, benign tumor, which occurs especially in children and rarely in adults.
The differential diagnosis consisted of irritational fibroma and peripheral giant cell granuloma.
Key Words: Ossifying fibroma, Canine Tooth syndrome, trochlear trauma
2) Ossifying fibroma lesions lead to replacement of the normal bone architecture.
With symptoms persisting the patient underwent exploration of the area under general anaesthesia and histopathology (which had previously been negative) now revealed desmoplastic fibroma.
Chanel Carter, who once dreamed of becoming a dancer, was diagnosed with a rare benign tumour, Desmoplastic Fibroma, at the age of 12.
Chanel was just 12 when she was diagnosed with desmoplastic fibroma, a rare condition which affected the growth bone in her right foot leaving her in agony whenever she walked.
Shope fibroma virus (SFV) was first used as a vaccine (6,7) but was only moderately effective.
En el fibroma digital infantil o fibroma por cuerpos de inclusion, el cuadro clinico y las caracteristicas patologicas son caracteristicas, pero existen aspectos que todavia quedan para estudio porque no estan totalmente aclarados y que Laskin (1) las resume y expone con brillante raciocinio, como son: la naturaleza y etiopatogenia, el reporte de casos con presencia de cuerpos de inclusion similares a la FDI en lesiones extra digitales y el manejo clinico controversial; en tanto, se ha informado la regresion espontanea en algunos casos (13,14).
Histology of the mass subsequently confirmed it to be an ovarian fibroma / fibrothecoma.