fibroid tumor

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benign tumor containing fibrous tissue (especially in the uterus)


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A 3-month study of 195 women with uterine fibroid tumors was conducted in three hospitals in Vietnam in 2007.
When the Ob/Gyn discovered that the multiple fibroid tumors turned out to be one easily-removable tumor she removed that tumor without performing a hysterectomy.
The two most common problems that lead to hysterectomy are persistent bleeding and fibroid tumors of the uterus.
In another experiment, female mice implanted with fibroid tumor cells were given 1.
Uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) is a minimally invasive interventional radiology treatment that blocks the blood supply to the fibroid tumors, causing them to shrink and die, alleviating symptoms.
The data being presented show that highly purified collagenase can reduce the rigidity of human uterine fibroid tissue and potentially shrink uterine fibroid tumors by interrupting the accumulation of poorly aligned and altered collagen.
Elsie Stiff of Jackson became the world's first patient to undergo 1-MRI, a new procedure to destroy fibroid tumors.
Hollis and his colleagues of a lower risk of uterine fibroid tumors in women with sufficient levels of vitamin D.
For the current study, the researchers tested the vitamin D treatment on a strain of rats genetically predisposed to developing fibroid tumors.
Although fibroid tumors are typically thought of as benign, they may not in fact be clinically benign," Dr.
Uterine fibroids (also called uterine fibroid tumors or myoma) are noncancerous growths in the uterus that most often, but not necessarily, develop in women between the ages of 30 and 50.
I just learned I need to have a hysterectomy due to fibroid tumors.
Henderson said black women are finding out that they suffer disproportionately from fibroid tumors, an alarming relationship that she said has yet to be studied.