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a cell from which connective tissue develops

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7) Among subtypes of intramedullary osteosarcoma, osteoblastic osteosarcoma generally demonstrates the greatest degree of sclerosis/osteoid formation, while chondroblastic and fibroblastic osteosarcomas may demonstrate areas of lucency juxtaposed with areas of osteoid production.
Bill Taylor, President and COO, stated, "The study demonstrated that the MiMedx collagen fiber-based scaffolds with high tensile strength, combined with cyclic tensile culture, promoted fibroblastic differentiation of MSCs as well as substantial extra-cellular matrix production; and therefore, represent a promising approach to fabrication of tissue-engineered tendon and ligament grafts.
Fibroblastic reticular cells build and maintain connective tissues in lymph nodes and the spleen and guide the actions of immune cells that inhabit these tissues.
Microscopic observation of Imidazole treated BMSCs showed that the characteristic fibroblastic appearance of the cells were lost and the cells seem to be detached from the culture surface when exposed to higher concentration (5mg/mL).
Role of sensory and motor intensity of electrical stimulation on fibroblastic growth factor-2 expression, inflammation, vascularization, and mechanical strength of full-thickness wounds.
An earlier biopsy obtained from one of the cases showed mild chronic interstitial inflammation, fibroblastic proliferation, and reactive pneumocytes.
The Rasasi Folklory Akhdar and Folklory Wardi Body Butter provide the skin a butterA[degrees]like texture that gets absorbed and stimulates fibroblastic function, increasA[degrees] es its tone and compactness and subsequently improves the structure and elasticA[degrees] ity of the skin.
Amorphous monosodium urate crystal bands surrounded by macrophages, lymphocytes, and multinuclear giant cells together with fibroblastic proliferation associated with tophaceous gout were encountered under polarized light in the histopathological examination of the removed mass (Figure 3).
FDC (+) (-/+) (-) (-) (+) v (-) FRC (-) (+) (-) (-) (-) (-) (-) Cell type Lysozyme LC (+/-) IDC (-) Macrophage or (+) histiocyte l/DDC (-) pDC (-) FDC (-) FRC (-) Abbreviatiabbreviations LC: Langerhans cells: IDC: interstiting denchitic cells: UDDC: interstitiaUdemial dendritic cells: pDC: plasmacytoid dendritic cell: FTC: follicular dendritic cell; FRC: fibroblastic reticular cell.
Fibromatosis arising from the breast, also referred to as desmoid tumor, low-grade fibrosarcoma, or aggressive fibromatosis, is a rare benign entity characterized histologically by low-grade spindle cell proliferations composed of interlacing fibroblastic bundles and fascicles with varying degrees of collagen.
One of the issues was that it wasn't all fat tissue growing, it was mostly fibroblastic tissue, which is used to heal wounds,'' he said.
2009) Fibroblastic response to treatment with different preparations rich in growth factors.
4) The tumour contains a portion that satisfies the histological criteria for GBM, and a mesenchymal component that may display a variety of morphologies with origins from fibroblastic, cartilaginous, osseous, smooth muscle, striated muscle or adipose cell lineage.
The latest method of efficiently producing platelet using fibroblastic cells with proliferating potency could raise hopes for stable platelet supplies, which have been reliant on blood donations but face the challenge that they cannot be preserved for more than four days.
Evidence suggests that its origins may be fibroblastic, neuroectodermal, histiocytic, or a combination of the three due to mutations in multipotent cutaneous mesenchymal stem cells.
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