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a white insoluble fibrous protein formed by the action of thrombin on fibrinogen when blood clots

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Jejunostomy has been reported as a temporary alternative to intestinal anastomosis in an adult blue-and-gold macaw in which the serosal defects could not be closed by primary intention after removing a fibrinous plug.
65-67) Acute fibrinous and organizing pneumonia, lymphoid interstitial pneumonia (LIP), pulmonary fibrosis, and amyloid deposition have all been described but are rare in SLE.
Reactive mesothelial hyperplasia is often, but not always, seen in association with organizing fibrinous and/or fibrous pleuritis (Figure 2).
The optic nerve sheath was then incised parallel to the nerve fibers with an arachnoid knife, revealing a purplish, fibrinous growth that protruded through the incised sheath.
Fibrinous deposits without inflammatory cells, as occur in most patients with uremia, for example, do not justify a diagnosis of "pericarditis.
Patients with diabetes have fibrinous necrosis with calcifications and arteriosclerosis with an inflammatory reaction found on pathologic analysis of their tendons.
The inflammation was characterized by a low number of mononuclear leukocytes and fibrinous exudate and fibroplasia.
The most common gross lesions were moderately congested and edematous lungs, and a mild fibrinous exudate in the air sacs and lumen of the trachea.
Hariri and colleagues (43) recently described a fibrinous air space exudate in 5 patients thought to have acute hypersensitivity pneumonia that resulted from exposure to mold in 4 of them.
The presence of fibrinous microthrombi is a distinctive feature that differentiates angiolipomas from other lipomas.
The 3 remaining ducks were euthanized, and postmortem examination showed severe necrotising fibrinous enteritis, multifocal piecemeal hepatitis, and severe fibrinous multifocal splenitis.
The coelomic cavity contained fibrinous fluid intermixed with hundreds of nematodes, some of which protruded through a perforation in the proventriculus.
On examination, he was noted to have extremely poor dentition and a necrotic, fibrinous floor of the mouth with multiple holes in the oral mucosa, which were communicating.