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a simple compound whose molecules can join together to form polymers

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uses fibrin monomer manufactured under proprietary methods that produce stronger, faster, less expensive and purer hemostats.
Fibrin monomer polymerizes end to end and side to side forming a fiber, fibrin, in a process that is not enzymatically driven.
As the CPB duration increased a progressive impairment in platelet function 25 occurred , excessive bleeding after long CPB intervals may be related, in part, to a thrombinmediated consumptive state (systemic thrombin generation has been shown to occur in stepwise, time dependent fashion), since fibrin monomer, thrombin/antithrombin complexes, and prothrombin fragment 1.
The prolongation of RT in dysfibrinogenemia is due to the inhibition of fibrinopeptide-A release or fibrin monomer polymerization by dysfibrinogens.
This defect is caused by impaired thrombin-mediated release of fibrinopeptide A and/or fibrinopeptide B from fibrinogen, as well as impaired fibrin monomer polymerization.
Based on my experience in a coag lab a few years ago, I am suggesting fibrin monomer as additional testing.
Fibrin monomer (FM) [3] and its derivatives in blood, produced by the cleavage of one or both A peptides and both A and B peptides from fibrinogen by thrombin, are found in early-stage thrombosis (1).
The assembly of the fibrin monomer is specific wherein two D domains from different fibrin monomers bind to the B domain, forming a linear polymer (Figure 3).
High concentrations of these late FDPs will interfere with fibrin monomer formation and increase vascular permeability and vasodilation.
soluble fibrin monomers, fibrin degradation product, or D-dimer) should be ordered.