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a simple compound whose molecules can join together to form polymers

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uses fibrin monomer manufactured under proprietary methods that produce stronger, faster, less expensive and purer hemostats.
The prolongation of RT in dysfibrinogenemia is due to the inhibition of fibrinopeptide-A release or fibrin monomer polymerization by dysfibrinogens.
Fibrin monomer then polymerizes in a linear and lateral fashion to form the fibrin clot.
According to the ISTH Subcommittee on DIC, major laboratory criteria for the diagnosis of overt DIC include platelet count, prothrombin time, fibrinogen level, and a marker of the presence of fibrin, which can be ascertained by one of the following assays: soluble fibrin monomer, fibrin degradation products, and/or D-dimer.
Increased plasma soluble fibrin monomer levels in patients with disseminated intravascular coagulation.
Secondary endpoints included maintenance of normal ATIII levels and changes in two biochemical markers of coagulation: D-dimer and fibrin monomer.
The assembly of the fibrin monomer is specific wherein two D domains from different fibrin monomers bind to the B domain, forming a linear polymer (Figure 3).
High concentrations of these late FDPs will interfere with fibrin monomer formation and increase vascular permeability and vasodilation.
Fibrin monomer polymerizes end to end and side to side forming a fiber, fibrin, in a process that is not enzymatically driven.
Calibrated Automated Thrombogram (Hemker method for Thrombin Generation), Staclot[R] Vlla-rTF, Liatest[R] Immunoturbidimetric assays for Fibrin Monomer, C4b-BR Stachrom[R] chromogenic assays for Heparin Cofactor II and PAI-1, Asserachrom[R] ELISA assays for Protein Z, Soluble GPV, FVIhAg, F X: Ag, PAI-1, APA Ig G, M, (32-GP1 IgG IgM, Total and Free TFPI, sEPCR, Thrombomodulin, FVIILAg, PIVKA-II, and a complete offering of Biocytex products for flow cytometry including VASP/P2Y12, Cellquant PNH, and Redquant PNH