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15 and 16), it can be said that the transition of fibrillate structure to cellular structure was strongly related to the crystallization of the polymer.
It occurs when the upper two cardiac chambers, instead of beating synchronously with the lower chambers, fibrillate.
Commit an act of scientific misconduct, however, and a bureaucracy tends to fibrillate.
When the two upper chambers of the heart fibrillate too fast, owing to rapid, disorganised electrical signals, the sync between the atria and the ventricle is thrown out of balance.
The ability of PTFE to fibrillate was utilized in studies of crystallization and nucleating mechanisms [5, 6].
If the atrias fibrillate then blood still gets through to the ventricles, just not as efficiently.
1 show that never-dried fibers fibrillate to a much greater extent than once-dried fibers.
When the ventricles fibrillate, they do not contract normally, so they cannot effectively pump blood.