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the transmission of light signals via glass fibers

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The Levitan FPS[TM] optical stylet (Clarus Medical, Minneapolis, USA) was described in 2006 as a low-cost optical stylet for routine fibreoptic augmentation during emergency intubation (6).
KMI Corporation is the world leader in fibreoptics market research, providing reports on worldwide fibreoptics markets, newsletters, route maps, databases, and conferences on global, regional, and undersea fibreoptics markets.
The design of the Laryngeal Mask Airway Ctrach[TM] combines the fibreoptic viewing capability of the Glidescope [TM] and the ability for ventilation of the Fastrach[TM].
Some technical information on fibreoptics and video-endoscopy is factually incorrect, and an illustration of the local flavour of the chapter content is the virtual dismissal of intravenous induction as a legitimate approach to paediatric anaesthesia.
The accident cracked the stone and damaged the delicate fibreoptics which light up the spray.
Carver was the founder and President of FibreOptics International of Seattle, Washington.
The fountain was damaged when a Severn Trent Water van reversed over it, cracking the stone and damaging the delicate fibreoptics which light up the spray.
Kuangyi Wu from Chorum Technologies in Richardson, Texas, will present a white paper entitled, Polarization Effects and Applications in FibreOptics, for the Optical Components Forum: Empowering Next-Generation Optical Networks, in London.
Special fibreoptics were also required to light up the water jets.
Newport, Rhode Island - KMI Corporation announced today the participation of Lucent Technologies and Alcatel, as sponsors of KMI's 4th Annual Conference on Fibreoptics Markets in Europe.
Trump's Taj Mahal in Atlantic City features fiber optic lighting that was also created by FibreOptics International, the same division of Fiberstars that designed the Trump Millennium Christmas Tree and coordinated its installation.
He said the arena was designed to be "TV friendly" and was equipped with fibreoptics which could transmit live performances around the world.
It also has a positioning and control system that allows very precise changes in direction in both automatic and semi-automatic mode, a system for transmitting images and collecting data through fibreoptics and sensors, a virtual reality module, and ancillary equipment such as sonar, a stereoscopic camera, a laser camera, an altimeter and a depth meter.
The recently announced acquisitions of FibreOptics International, Crescent Lighting and LBM create the need for greater depth of management at Fiberstars.