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the transmission of light signals via glass fibers

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The Levitan FPS[TM] optical stylet (Clarus Medical, Minneapolis, USA) was described in 2006 as a low-cost optical stylet for routine fibreoptic augmentation during emergency intubation (6).
Given the differences between the two devices, this study aimed to compare their efficacy amongst specialist anaesthetists with no prior experience of fibreoptic stylet intubation, in patients with predicted normal airways, thus replicating the environment anaesthetists employ when learning to use new airway management equipment.
The first fibreoptic intubation was performed on an anaesthetised patient by Peter Murphy in 1967.
Work was delayed because of problems getting hold of the right kind of stone - but the latest hold-up is down to problems gluing the fibreoptics to the stone.
The design of the Laryngeal Mask Airway Ctrach[TM] combines the fibreoptic viewing capability of the Glidescope [TM] and the ability for ventilation of the Fastrach[TM].
Special fibreoptics were also required to light up the water jets.
Kuangyi Wu from Chorum Technologies in Richardson, Texas, will present a white paper entitled, Polarization Effects and Applications in FibreOptics, for the Optical Components Forum: Empowering Next-Generation Optical Networks, in London.
He said the arena was designed to be "TV friendly" and was equipped with fibreoptics which could transmit live performances around the world.
The recently announced acquisitions of FibreOptics International, Crescent Lighting and LBM create the need for greater depth of management at Fiberstars.
NASDAQ:FBST) announced today that it has acquired the assets of FibreOptics International Inc.
11, 1996--Uniphase Corporation (NASDAQ:UNPH) today announced that UTP Fibreoptics (formerly Fiberoptic Alignment Solutions, Inc.
Results for the fourth quarter of 1996 include non-recurring charges for in-process research and development which resulted from the purchase of UTP Fibreoptics for a total purchase price of $9.
BUSINESS WIRE)--May 31, 1996--Uniphase Corporation (Nasdaq: UNPH), as previously announced, is currently seeking to acquire two affiliated companies: GCA Fibreoptics Ltd.
BUSINESS WIRE)--April 29, 1996--Uniphase Corporation (NASDAQ:UNPH) today announced that it has signed a letter of intent to acquire two affiliated companies, GCA Fibreoptics Ltd.
It was an English professor of applied optics who was to a great extent responsible for the revolution which was to take place in endoscopic surgery: he invented the fibreoptic device which is the integral lighting and visual system of today's endoscopic and minimal access instruments.