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of or relating to fiber optics

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VP should be integrated in CT-urography for a complete evaluation of the upper urinary tract in patients with suspected tumour, thus limiting the need for fibreoptic ureteroscopic examination.
A colonoscope is a long, flexible tube with a fibreoptic camera at the end and inserted inside through the colon.
VOLUNTEERS are needed to haul an 800-metre fibreoptic cable across peat bog.
CNCALFA is the largest independent data provider in Armenia with a 1,500 km fibreoptic network, which is the basis for developing residential broadband internet and payTV services.
The firefighters used a fibreoptic camera to see Tig and work out a plan of attack.
Our all-white trees and the snowy artificial trees are also selling well and people can't seem to get enough of the fibreoptic ones.
Awake fibreoptic endoscopic intubation was performed in the operating theatre with surgical airway backup.
The multi-year deal will see a mixed genre package of Turner's premium channels, CNN International, Cartoon Network, Boomerang and truTV, offered as part of Univision's triple-play service to its network covering Ulaanbaatar and other major cities, using high-speed fibreoptic technology.
It sounds like the stuff of fantasy, but scientists at Imperial College London have proved it could work in theory by adapting standard fibreoptic technology.
Mr Meldrum joined IQE in October 2009, and has over 15 years experience in the optoelectronics market sector having held technical and commercial roles with fibreoptic products manufacturer JDSU.
The contract involves the detailed design, procurement, integration and installation of the control systems throughout the onshore and offshore areas of Khalifa Port including a port operating system; a vessel traffic system; security; CCTV; telephony and communications; and all associated fibreoptic and control system cabling.
Famously known as 'The Devil's Arse', and entered by the largest cave entrance in the British Isles, this is an eerie system, cleverly lit by fibreoptic trails and often used as a TV and movie location.
THIS weather beater is studded with tiny blue fibreoptic lights so you can simply sparkle through the rain.
Overhead, crystal chandeliers enhance the starburst effect while a fibreoptic light curtain surrounds the high gloss black lacquer lift case, further adding to the dramatic shimmering 'feel'.
Effect of fibreoptic bronchoscopy on pulmonary function.