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a covering material made of glass fibers in resins


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DUMPING European fibreglass producers asked the EU Commission to introduce protective duties last year, accusing Chinese exporters of dumping their wares on European markets below cost.
Europe's fibreglass market had an estimated size of 1 mln tonnes or a value of 1 bln euros in 2009, with China supplying about 15%.
The Ilium partners are Bahrain Fibreglass (BFG) International and French fibreglass industry experts Gilbert Chomarat and Frederic Romier.
Headquartered in Bahrain, BFG has grown to become a worldwide brand in the design and manufacture of composite fibreglass products.
Chinas fibreglass industry has shared 41% of the global market.
Chinas fibreglass industry enjoys accelerating demand and the demand for fibreglass will maintain at 18% in the five years to some.
Additionally, Kenaf composites are 20-30 percent lighter than fibreglass or ABS plastic alternatives, helping increase vehicle fuel efficiency, and are less likely to warp under extreme heat and humidity.
Western Fiberglass is a leading distributor of fibreglass down hole tubing casing, facility pipe and line pipe within the oil and gas industry servicing Western Canada, with offices located in Estevan, Saskatchewan and Red Deer, Alberta.
Fibreglass is a viable alternative to steel applications in the oil and gas industry that provides less maintenance, low installation cost, improved flow capacity and long service life.
TOLEDO, Ohio, April 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Phoenix Fibreglass Inc.
Phoenix is a technical success by demonstrating that SMC is recyclable and that the recyclate can be used in new SMC parts," said Jim MacKenzie, chairman of the board of Phoenix Fibreglass.
14 /PRNewswire/ -- Owens-Corning (NYSE: OCF) has acquired an equity position in Phoenix Fibreglass, a company specializing in glass fiber recycling, announced Efthimios O.