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a flexible medical instrument involving fiber optics that is used to examine internal organs

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7 corrective maintenance at the request of Pentax brand of fiberscopes intubation (maximum estimated amount 35 000 EUR HT)
Medical and veterinary products include laparoscopes, transesophageal probes for ultrasound imaging, intubation fiberscopes, colonoscopes, veterinary flexible fiberscopes, camera-dedicated human and veterinary otoscope
s FreedomView fiberscope was recently named product of the month by Photonics Tech Briefs, a magazine for the photonics industry.
The use of fiberscopes, which is common in the medical field, will allow inspectors to clearly grasp the conditions inside the pipes and instruct operators on appropriate cleaning procedures to remove the bacteria, the officials said.
s line of Remote Visual Inspection Systems includes fiberscopes and borescopes with interchangeable tips and four-way articulation.
The Global Flexible Endoscopy Devices market has also been witnessing increased preference of flexible videoscopes over flexible fiberscopes.
Including Coloskope, Gastroscopes, bronchoscopes, Duodenskope, fiberscopes including the associated cold light sources, video processors and other medical endoscopic (additional) equipment of different ages and manufacturer - - Within the hospital group more than 100 flexible endoscopy for Gastroenterological interventions currently for diagnosis and therapy used ,Subject of the tender is to enter into a technology partnership with a given within the tendering contractor for the fully comprehensive successive renovation and restoration of the existing machine park, including the implementation of maintenance and other services and any other additional services (consulting, logistics, etc.
2 million in sales this year, is building a clientele among law-enforcement officers, aerospace workers and other customers for its compact FreedomView fiberscopes, battery-powered tools that can snake viewing elements into nooks and crannies.
For more detailed analysis, the VA-1 portable video analyzer can be used with either flexible fiberscopes or rigid borescopes.
The company previously announced the compatibility of the STERRAD NX and 100NX Systems for sterilization of KARL STORZ Flexible Fiberscopes, including all of the company's Flexible Intubation Scopes.
Tenders are invited for Contract Supply Medical Devices - Endoscopes Auricular Endoscope, Fiber Optic Endoscope For, Fiberscopes
Contract notice: Location, commissioning and maintenance of video-endoscopy columns and video fiberscopes for gastroenterology department of the hospital in valencia.
ITI) has announced the launch of its new V5LE videoscope which features non-conductive articulating fiberscopes, making it the only true non-conductive device in the industry.
Olympus developed the first gastrocamera in 1950, and has since developed a wide range of fiberscopes and videoscopes for direct internal observation of the human body.