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a flexible medical instrument involving fiber optics that is used to examine internal organs

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Fiberscope assisted videolaryngoscope intubation in the surgical treatment of TMJ ankylosis.
There are papers describing the use of the Airtraq optical laryngoscope to provide adequate vision for anesthetizing the airway using the spray-as-you-go technique, and to facilitate intubation with the flexible fiberscope following failed intubation attempts.
The fiberscope was prepared so that an epidural catheter (with three standard side-openings at the end) was threaded via the working channel to be used for spraying the vocal cords.
Among airway devices that are available for tracheal intubation; only fiberscope and lightwand stand out to be useful in both routes of intubation.
discussed the performance of different coils' geometries during multiple frosting and defrosting cycles and also monitored closely the coil using a fiberscope.
29 mm outer diameter (OD) fibreoptic endoscope (FOS, Pentax Fiberscope FB-13V, Pentax Medical Company, Montvale, NJ, USA).
His research paper entitled " a flexible fiberscope, using static scanning" appeared in scientific journal Nature in its January 2, 1954 issue.
Another serpentine robot developed by Tadokoro is based on a video fiberscope.
All these individuals underwent nasofibrolaryngoscopy using a flexible fiberscope (Machida ENT30PIII), light source (Ferrari), video camera (Toshiba CE IKN43H34) and video monitor (Panasonic).
STURBRIDGE - The FreedomView fiberscope from Optim Inc.
Single lumen tubes are often preferred to preformed ones as they are easier to pass over a fiberscope during an awake fibreoptic intubation.
The Lenox Fiberscope features a steerable, articulated tip that allows for manipulation around corners, through pipe bends, and past blockages.
The intubating fiberscope, which is passed down a patient's throat to help them breathe, went missing from Abergele Hospital.
On Saturday, JAL looked inside of the troubled engine with a special fiberscope to determine the cause of the blast.