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wallboard composed of wood chips or shavings bonded together with resin and compressed into rigid sheets

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Enhanced Oc Arizona print quality with speeds over 1,000 square feet per hour for uncoated corrugated fiberboard, plywood and rigid fiberboard printing applications.
We settled on a process of using strips of fiberboard glued and stacked in a lattice pattern to create a lightweight core that was then carved into a rock shape.
BASF and Glunz, a manufacturer of wood-based panels, have jointly developed four new colors for medium-density fiberboards (MDF).
Flakeboard manufactures particleboard, medium-density fiberboard and thermally fused laminate panels, which are used in furniture, countertops, cabinets and store fixtures, Gregory said.
The fiberboard and absorbent sheets are easy to store, reusable, recyclable and readily available.
Fiberboard is manufactured by a series of production processes, such as fiber separation, fiber treatment, formation, and hot pressing, using plant fibers as the main raw material.
According to the Associated Press, the fiberboard is made by mixing sterilized manure with chemical resins and subjecting the mixture to heat and pressure.
He and his contributors cover raw materials, processing and properties, environmental and waste management issues, paper-based flexible packaging, paper labels, paper bags, composite cans, fiber drums, multiwall paper sacks, rigid boxes, folding cartons, corrugated fiberboard packaging, solid fiberboard packaging, paperboard-based liquid packaging, and molded pulp packaging.
T 804 om-02 "Compression test of fiberboard shipping containers" (January 13, 2006)
Each assemblage was nestled against a small, freestanding fiberboard wall that functioned as both structural support and visual ground: Leg-o-matic's handbags, for example, hung in tangled profusion from the legs of a small wooden table that had been turned sideways and affixed to the side of the upright slab, which itself was covered in concentric circles of bright pink and blue vinyl.
A fiberboard plant being constructed near Buffalo, N.
At the same time, advances in plastic and shrink wraps are allowing many segments of the industry to get away from corrugated and even fiberboard cases.
At an opening in a side wall where an air conditioner might once have sat, from behind a piece of fiberboard meant to cover the gap, bees are coming and going.
The simplicity and strength of the fiberboard boxes appeal to diverse retailers who cater to high-end consumers.
Consumption of fiberboard has historically increased in correlation to the growth in GDP, health of the economy, and demand put forth by the construction and furniture industries.