fiber optic cable

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a cable made of optical fibers that can transmit large amounts of information at the speed of light

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OFS has manufactured FlightLinx Fiber Optic Cable since 2012 and is now expanding the product line to include a cable design that allows for reliable pull-proof termination during harsh aircraft installations.
Tight buffer is fiber optic cable made by encircling several pieces of fiber optic round the core and than it is covered with solid material such as polyaramid and then it is wrapped with plastic mainly PVC which is resistant to heat.
When it comes to mode-of-light transmission, a fiber optic cable can be one of two types: multimode or single mode.
Separation in feet between fiber optic cable and foreign cables
This product line allows us to offer a high-performance solution, positioned between our traditional fiber optic cables and our heavily ruggedized stainless steel, outside plant, and harsh environment products," states Jayson Lizardo, Product Manager for Timbercon.
3M GGP fiber optic cable has a proven record of high performance and the ability to bend tightly and take abuse.
The telecommunications company is laying fiber optic cable, neighborhood by neighborhood, and is expected to have the cable installed to every home and business by fall 2005.
On land, countless miles of fiber optic cable have been deployed, connecting the largest and most affluent population centers of the continents.
Following on the heels of the massive fiber optic cable deployments in the ultra-long-haul and long haul portions of the global network, the growing adoption of broadband in the local loop is a natural progression in the bandwidth revolution.
Rural Telephone Service Company offers sophisticated switched telecommunication services through a digital network with over 1,000 miles of fiber optic cable and 11,000 access lines.
The N525 enables the hand-off of services and media conversation between a Service Provider's network using single-mode fiber optic cable and the Customer's network using UTP copper cable and fiber interfaces.
Corning Incorporated (NYSE:GLW) today announced that Corning Cable Systems will provide the fiber optic cable used in a 450-mile regional telecommunications system in upstate New York.
In the event of a fiber optic cable failure, like most communications companies, CEC's Network Operations Center needs to know exactly what circuits are affected.
5/125 multimode fiber optic cable or 8-10/125 single mode fiber optic cable.
Corning Incorporated (NYSE:GLW) today announced that fiber optic cable and connectivity products from Corning Cable Systems are now being installed for use in Panama's 400-km national fiber optic backbone project.
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