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Unlike conventional cabling systems, users of the FutureFLEX Air-blown infrastructure can quickly and easily upgrade to the new fiber by simply blowing out the old fiber bundles and blowing in the new.
Therefore, the impregnation behavior can be related to the void flow behavior, and is characterized as the flow of resin through the gaps between the fiber bundles and the penetration of resin into the fiber bundles.
TAM 90K-3 averaged lower lint yields than `Deltapine 50' at Corpus Christi, TX, during 1992 and 1993 under dryland culture, but produced lint with 13% stronger fiber bundle strength.
TAM 90K-31 produced finer fibers with 20% higher fiber bundle strength and 5% longer upper half mean length (UHM) than `Deltapine 50' (Calhoun et al.
Strain CA 3005 was released by the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station because of its improved fiber bundle strength characteristic.
Advances in optical networking are increasing the capacity of a single fiber to multiple terabits per second, while the capacity of each fiber bundle soars toward petabit levels.
4] lines that were selected on the basis of their 1996 fiber bundle strength in the replicated trials were grown in the 1997 Las Cruces genetics nursery.
Starting immediately, FIT will offer flat-rate services which include repair and replacement of cables and instruments, cutback and end-fitting replacement, end-fitting polishing, resheathing, fiber bundle replacement, strain relief repair and a new innovation: laser marking of cables for identification, warranty and inventory purposes at users' sites.
Cotton breeders have emphasized increasing fiber bundle strength since 1970 when open-end, or rotor, spinning technology was introduced commercially.
All measured traits showed obvious DIF and varietal differences except the length of fiber bundle (LFB) and the inter-fiber bundle distance (IFBD).
We evaluated multiple cross-sectional images of the VMO, starting from the superior border of the patella and moving downward until the muscle fiber bundle disappeared (generally 5 or 6 levels).
In fact in the standard ring spinning process the fiber bundle coming out from the front cylinder is wider than the spinning triangle.
2) As a working principle, our criteria for a fully split bundle was that the nerve fiber bundle diverged completely extending to the optic nerve head on the RNFL thickness map and this divergence was reflected on the thickness graph as a double hump.
Depending on the shape and size of the fiber bundle and the modulus difference between the fiber and the matrix material, the crack-tip stress intensity factor (SIF) may be increased (stress amplification) or decreased (stress shielding or toughening).
The unevenness in yarn structure was measured by uster evenness testing system, its effect on physical structure of fibers in fiber bundle of yarn was analyzed by scanning electron microscopy and strength of composites were measured using uster Tensorapid III testing system.