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0] increased with the increasing of the distance from crack tip to the fiber bundle, which means the effect of the fiber bundle decreased when the distance increased.
More generally, the toric variety of a skew bipyramid over Q is a toric fiber bundle with base space [P.
Damage process of a fiber bundle with a strain gradient, Phys.
Frontostriatal fiber bundle compromise in HIV infection without dementia.
Nexxus is the only impregnating device able to handle hard-to-cut fibers and hybrid fiber bundles," Ponzielli claims.
Work the full length of the backstrap this way along the set of fiber bundles you started with.
Locally, and only locally, the Fiber bundle E is the product [D.
The first step in separating the fiber bundles from the stalks is called "retting," which means rotting.
In the Sumitomo blowing process, where fibers are blown in as a bundle, a tip is placed on the end of the fiber bundle, keeping it from getting caught on the joints of the push-fit connectors where the tube cables connect together.
Depending on the fiber bundle and detector types, the PRISm costs upwards of $80,000.
Key NIRIM design features are discussed, including the FIC fiber bundle, excitation laser, optical coupling to the microscope and fiber bundle, holographic filtering, spectrograph imaging requirements, CCD parameters, data transfer and chemical image processing.
The FM-5 model, with fiber bundle technology and dual-media carbon protection, will reduce lead levels by 98 percent, and reduce asbestos, chlorine and odors, according to the company.
Mechanically retted short kenaf bast fiber bundle (KBFB)--reinforced unsaturated polyester (UPE) composites were fabricated.
The lower end of the fiber bundle was clamped securely to the bottom of the chamber and the opposite end was attached via a light chain harness to the transducer arm of a Cambridge Technology mode1305 servo-controlled ergometer.