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The variables associated with the pattern of the material have to be taken into consideration, so we have designed three representative composite polymeric materials, having as base material the polyesteric resin and armed with glass fibbers.
Tonight, fibbers from as far apart as Perthshire and Suffolk are due to descend on the small Cumbrian village of Santon Bridge, in an attempt to be crowned the world's best bluffer.
Books which have been made into feature films are probably more likely to be lied about since the fibbers may have seen the movie version.
The material pattern was taken into consideration by designing three representative composite polymeric materials based on the base material polyesteric resin and armed with fibber glass, for which names have been chosen depending on the shape, the dimensions and the fibber arrangement, as follows: STRATIMAT, symbolised in the paper as ST, for which the fibbers are long, and arranged in layers (Figure 1a), FIBRA TOCATA, symbolised FT, for which the glass fibbers are shorter than 10 mm and randomly arranged (Figure 1b) and TESATURA, symbolized TS, for which the glass fibbers are long and resemble a woven cloth, arranged in several layers (Figure 1c).
Scots are the biggest health fibbers, with nearly 60 per cent saying they do not tell the truth about their weight, how much junk food they eat, their alcohol intake and whether or not they smoke.
The biggest barbecue fibbers were found in Wales and Yorkshire - where a third of all respondents admit to telling porkies about their neighbour's bangers to spare their feelings about their flaming awful nosh.
The Geraldine Fibbers mark the release of their second album, ``Butch'' (Virgin), with a free show at 11:15 p.
Tonight The Delmonts -O''Grady''s, Redcar FREE; Blues At The Bay feat The Fibbers - Cleveland Bay, Eaglescliffe FREE; Shine Like Stars feat Shields - Ku Bar, Stockton FREE/ PS4/PS5; Megson - Town Hall, Middlesbrough PS12.
Elsewhere, Deano feels the pointy end of Sean's wrath as the psychotic Slater sends a painful warning about what happens to fibbers.
Ray Dowsett, manager of Fibbers nightclub in Clacton-on-Sea, said: "We were originally advised by the police to use WD-40.
Eriksson will be concerned at the reception he'll get from an England crowd on his first appearance since the controversy at Soho Square when the fickle and the fibbers had to be identified.
Avery met Sanders, his partner in Polar Bear, through ex-Ethyl Meatplow singer Carla Bozulich, who's now leading the countryish Geraldine Fibbers.
Also playing will be The Rogues, The Fibbers and Rough Justice before the night closes with Steel Cats - a freestyle dance group.
They fear that even some of the finest fibbers they can find would be beaten hands down by the pair.
2) Carla Bozulich, center, fronts the Geraldine Fibbers, performing tonight at the Troubadour in West Hollywood.