fiat money

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money that the government declares to be legal tender although it cannot be converted into standard specie

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Unlike fiat money, such cryptocurrencies are not backed or guaranteed by any central monetary authority,' Espenilla said, noting that only the BSP had the sole authority to issue currencies within the Philippines.
Disclosure: I definitely don't think fiat money is going to collapse, but I own small amounts of Bitcoin and Ethereum as a hedge against the possibility that a lot more people will come along and buy in.
Positively-Valued Fiat Money after the Sovereign Disappears: The Case of Somalia.
Supporters frequently claim that the limited supply of Bitcoins makes them a better currency than other fiat money such as dollars or euros.
The eponymously named Bitcoin Coffee has a converter machine located near the entrance where you can exchange your fiat money for cryptocurrency (and make no mistake, they do a brisk daily business).
He noted that the dispensing of cash would be in fiat money, so the user can select the amount they wish to get in UAE dirhams.
Citizens will use mobile phones to interface with their cryptocurrency wallets, and the digital asset's unit value will be equivalent to that of the country's fiat money.
Speaking on the issue of Bitcoin which is registering record heights worldwide, Reddy said that there has to be a sovereign behind fiat money as only the sovereign can take unlimited risk and has the capacity to withstand strain.
Since the introduction of fiat money (and, in many cases, the outright prohibition of private ownership of monetary gold and silver) in the early 20th century, constant inflation and financial instability have been the result.
Fiat money is much more conducive to hoarding than precious metals historically used as currency.
In the long run, that would jeopardise confidence in the central bank, saddled with claims against an over-indebted government, and put the fiat money system at risk.
DF said it will work in partnership with BC Fintech Sdn Bhd, a Dragonfly system integrator, to implement the payment and settlement solution, which will drive the entire remittance chain, from wholesale foreign exchange to the receipt of fiat money at the recipient's end.
Different fiat money have been removed and replaced by a single one administrated by a supra-national entity (European Central Bank) that is apparently independent and away from political interference (Bagus 2011).
The exchange provides its clients to get Unichange card in order to have the possibility of withdrawing Bitcoin and Litecoin directly to card, without having to convert their digital currency to fiat money first.
As we will see, the Fed has in recent years taken advantage of this absence of limits on the fabrication of money, creating enormous quantities of fiat money, and laying the groundwork for new kinds of interference.