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(superlative of 'few' used with count nouns and usually preceded by 'the') quantifier meaning the smallest in number

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Silently attentive all through the interview (except when he was answering questions), Moody only replied in the fewest words.
You shall have both in the plainest and fewest words.
Before he leaves the room, silent Peter goes to the window, and asks in fewest possible words if he shall draw the curtains.
So I write and tell you what is in my mind in the plainest and fewest words that I can use.
You are going to be married; you state to whom, you add that I am the lady's guardian; you give the name and address of my lawyer in Edinburgh; you write your instructions plainly in the fewest words, and leave details to your legal adviser; you refer the lawyers to each other; you request that the draft settlements be prepared as speedily as possible, and you give your address at this house.
Mercy laughed bitterly, and sat down to write in the fewest words all that was needed from her--a plain statement of the facts.
My purpose in going to Walden Pond was not to live cheaply nor to live dearly there, but to transact some private business with the fewest obstacles; to be hindered from accomplishing which for want of a little common sense, a little enterprise and business talent, appeared not so sad as foolish.
The evening of life is described by Plato in the most expressive manner, yet with the fewest possible touches.
Still you must remember that I had to fix things up with him in the fewest possible words, in a single minute that the other two were indiscreet enough to leave us alone together.
In the fewest words, the Sergeant showed them the evidence of the footmarks, and told them that a fatal accident must have happened to her.
I chose it in the far east of London, where there were fewest idle people to lounge and look about them in the streets.
Arthur then told her, in the fewest words, that it was their little friend he came to see; and what he had to announce to their little friend.
Sikes, approvingly; 'women can always put things in fewest words.
There were fewest vacancies in the sector of electricity and gas supply, real estate and mining.
this year marks the fewest in two decades, according to a year-end report by the Death Penalty Information Center.