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(comparative of 'few' used with count nouns) quantifier meaning a smaller number of

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There are more or fewer divorces than there ought to
4m micro-businesses - companies which employ fewer than 10 people.
Women over 50 were most likely to seek fewer hours in work, as many have to look after grandchildren, parents or children of their own, said the report.
The number of homes burgled also dropped significantly, by 11%, resulting in 559 fewer break-ins and meaning that South Wales Police is now ranked as the 10th most improved force for that offence category.
But, of course, no remorse and no regrets from Mr Blair - far less any guilt that thanks to him, Remembrance Day is no longer about old soldiers but about far too many young ones who fought and are still fighting for causes fewer and fewer of us understand or support.
But, even so, it is still arguable that a fair price about fewer than 12.
5 per cent, which represented over 4,606 fewer victims, according to police figures.
We could have a few more wars, strangle a few, eat more meat, drive less, produce fewer babies.
EILEEN Denton of Golcar sent me this piece of research that is the last word on nutrition and health: Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than us.
It states that in 2007, 2,507 fewer crimes were reported in the area compared to the previous year.
The Communications Workers' Union is against the move because it believes it will mean higher postal charges and fewer post offices.
DDT is unique in its ability to repel mosquitoes before they enter a home, and it lasts longer--so less has to be applied fewer times in a year to achieve the same effect as other insecticides.
The Polecat's airframe was built with large, integrated composite assemblies and has fewer than 200 parts.
Retention/drainage aids lead to improved white water cleanliness, fewer breaks, fewer deposits, higher speeds, drier sheets entering the press section, and the elimination of clothing/press pick outs.