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Synonyms for feverous

having or affected by a fever


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The self-titled media activist's days are a whirl of feverous activity: communicating with activists inside Syria, translating documents, creating banners for protests, publicizing events on Facebook and encouraging crowds at weekly rallies in Nour Square.
Good luck coming across a story about "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" this week without it mentioning just how feverous New Zealand has become as its release date approaches.
Peres' praise is even more important, because it comes at a time Bulgaria is subjected to a feverous discrediting attack and accusations it is responsible for the massacre of 11 000 Jews in Macedonia and Thrace.
Then a feverous search began when the number for Mr.
For anyone who's never been to a clothes swap before, imagine 50 of Roald Dahl's feverous witches surrounding their schoolboy prey and you're halfway there.