fever pitch

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a state of extreme excitement

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His trainer has a strong record in this race, while Fever Pitch does have the advantage of a light weight and in-form rider David Casey to aid his cause.
What Fever Pitch did was to take football literature to a new audience and it was a personal tale and told from the heart.
I couldn't finish it because I began to read Fever Pitch and now I can't find it
Things reached a fever pitch when Provident Bank's Dave McShane belted out the song Hero to a horde of admiring women, including Katherine Azbell, who came up with a record $5,300 to get her man.
De Duve was reparsing Newman at a time of crisis, the moment at which the "Death of Painting" talk and the chatter around the return to expressionism--reached fever pitch.
With national security efforts at fever pitch, new federal regulations on biochemical agents may inhibit research efforts at universities
Distrust of CEOs reached such a fever pitch that even Congress and the President felt moved to pass a corporate reform bill.
To begin with, most people who rushed to the Food and Drug Administration with corn horror stories (including Booth) did so only after public hysteria had been raised to a fever pitch from non-stop media coverage.
Anxiety over the switch to the single currency in January has reached fever pitch in Germany where some supermarket workers will be banned from leave during the two months after the introduction of notes and coins.
On Friday night, June 12, the convention recessed after four ballots, and behind-the-scenes politicking reached fever pitch.
The console war between Sony Corp and Sega Co has hit fever pitch.
There is truth to such charges, but Jones fails to note that one of the strongest motives behind racist arguments was the fear of "amalgamation" that rose to fever pitch with the end of slavery.
The problem with starting any performance at fever pitch is that there is no place to go in subsequent dances.
Titles include the classic family favorite The Bad News Bears starring Walter Matthau and the romantic comedy Fever Pitch starring Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore.
Fever Pitch, a four-time winner over fences, is the only runner in the line-up to have scored this season.