fever pitch

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a state of extreme excitement

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New Delhi [India], Dec 05 ( ANI ): Shooting off a seventh question at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, even as campaigning for elections in Gujarat reached fever pitch, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi committed an embarrassing mathematical faux pax with regard prices of essential commodities on Tuesday.
Karys, who lives in Motherwell with mum Mandy, 29, dad Ryan, 35, and three-year-old sister Layla, said: "I went to Disneyland in August with 11 other people from Fever Pitch and I loved it.
Fever Pitch will need to improve on his last couple of efforts, but it is well worth taking the chance that he can raise his game here.
Karen Fox, general manager, Showcase Cinemas UK, said: "Whenever a new Harry Potter film is released anticipation amongst fans at Showcase Liverpool always hits fever pitch.
Summary: 'Murray Mania' is set to reach fever pitch at Wimbledon as the British number one attempts to book a place in the semi-finals of the Championships, in his last eight clash with Spaniard Feliciano Lopez.
At the moment I'm reading Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby.
He will have the Wigan players wound up to fever pitch in the dressing room before kick-off on Saturday.
Fred has been hotly tipped for a move to Paris St Germain and rumours have reached fever pitch after he arrived back at Les Gones eight days later than his team-mates.
Viewing reached a fever pitch yesterday when, for the first time, something actually happened.
To stage this event, construction aimed at tourism is currently at fever pitch, with stadiums, condominiums, hotels, and guest houses being built and/or refurbished throughout the region, and [somewhat disappointingly] many of the larger commissions have been awarded to architects who are not locally based.
Lawlor's exciting reading captures the nonstop action at a frenzied fever pitch.
The hype regarding iSCSI in the storage industry has at times reached fever pitch, with articles in trade publications calling for the "Death of Fibre Channel" as we know it.
The screen version of Nick Hornby's best-selling football book Fever Pitch came second in the survey of 7,000 film fans by Blockbuster.
Things reached a fever pitch when Provident Bank's Dave McShane belted out the song Hero to a horde of admiring women, including Katherine Azbell, who came up with a record $5,300 to get her man.
De Duve was reparsing Newman at a time of crisis, the moment at which the "Death of Painting" talk and the chatter around the return to expressionism--reached fever pitch.