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Synonyms for feud

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a bitter quarrel between two parties

carry out a feud

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Besides, the old fellow had entered so heartily into the ancient feud with Prince Beelzebub that he would have been perpetually at blows or ill language with some of the prince's subjects, and thus have embroiled us anew.
That he, Castiglione' not being aware Of any feud existing, or any cause Of quarrel between your lordship and himself, Cannot accept the challenge.
If they had fallen in a feud on the hillside, it would be called murder, and yet your sin might be forgiven you.
They were only so far civil to each other as was necessary to prevent their state of feud from being observed by Mr.
He said: "It is very difficult to understand what the feuds are about.
The jirga members Nisar Hayat Khan, Sheh Zada, Ali Mahir Khan and others while addressing the jirga said that tribal jirgas had been more effective than judicial solution to feuds.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Two mothers and their three small children unfortunately joined the list of the thousands of victims of blood feuds or killings motivated by tradition in Turkey after they were shot by armed assailants outside a prison in the southeastern province of Mardin on Thursday.
Family feuds and violent revenge attacks are common in southern Egypt, where many families take the law into their own hands, refusing police intervention.
Speaking on the occasion, Mir Israrullah Zehri stressed on the need to bring an end to the tribal feuds and to think about future as they are harmful from every point of view.
Summary: Riyadh, Ramadan 22, 1431/ Sep 1, SPA -- Prince Salman Ibn Abdulaziz, the Governor of Riyadh Province hailed today the constant leadership support given to Family Feuds Reconciliation Committees in all principalities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
It is a disgrace that these feuds are allowed to come into the schoolyard.
These are the weapons that are being use ubiquitously in sectarian and tribal feuds in southern Sudan in general and in Lakes State in particular.
of Aarhus, Denmark) present principal positions of new research in feuds in medieval and early modern Europe, with the majority of papers from a Continental perspective.
GREAT FEUDS IN MATHEMATICS: Ten of the Liveliest Disputes Ever
The Kenneth Macmillan production brings family feuds, forbidden loves, friendship, allegiance, passion and tragedy to the stage in one of the ballet world's best-loved works.