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Synonyms for feudatory

a person holding a fief

owing feudal allegiance to or being subject to a sovereign

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Some use both Ranjana and Pacu-mola or exclusively in Ranjana (undated inscription of Vijayakamadeva at Ichangu and Svayambhu or Emperor Ming Ta'i's letter of authorization to the feudatory lord of Palancho, NS 535).
Her father, a prince, occupies a high position in the Milanese nobility, and was the feudatory of the city of Monza.
Ajeet Raj Singhee, India - Indian Feudatory States ostal Stationery
In 1649, eighteen years after Giovanni Pulle's marriage, the Bishop of Verona made him feudatory of the parish of San Floriano, a frazione within the comune of San Pietro in Cariano.
Through history the feudal system worked in such a way that down the line each feudatory kept what he wanted for himself as part of the largesse; the people fended for themselves.
T]he reason of conferring the feud being the personal ability of the feudatory to serve in war," Blackstone explained, the current holder of the land should not be "at liberty to transfer this gift, either from himself, or from his posterity who were presumed to inherit his valour, to others who might prove less able.
One of the most prominent feudatory families that rose to power under the Vijayanagara rulers and finally established as an independent state (1499-1763) was that of the Nayakas of Keladi.
Sharma, 341) Simultaneously a feudatory system of administration also required land grants to the warrior-leaders and other categories such as Nayakas and Samantas.
On one occasion, the Portuguese encountered the brother of the Feudatory Prince of Fukien, and it was not clear which party had precedence.
The town's governor, a Christian named Harith (Aretas) ibn-Kaleb, although a feudatory of Dhu-Nuwas, resented his status as a vassal to the Jewish king (he may also have not performed his feudal duties in the war against Aidug).
and the grantee, who had the use and possession, according to the terms of the grant, was stiled the feudatory.
However, there is another interpretation of the director's statement, in that it revealed that the FAI had several feudatory demands made on it, i.