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Synonyms for feudatory

a person holding a fief

owing feudal allegiance to or being subject to a sovereign

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It is the crushing of the Zheng maritime empire as part of the Qing suppression of the Three Feudatories revolt that weakens Hang's attempt to refute the standard historiography originally enunciated by John King Fairbanks, the doyen of Chinese studies in the United States, who maintained that continental China always held the ultimate political and cultural symbols of power.
His feudatories, directly invested in the management of the local territory and the wealth it generated, also played a crucial role in the patronage of rock-cut religious sites" (p.
Rarely does DVV pause to reflect upon the pompous verbosity of the titles assumed by feudatories, ministers, and chieftains of the early medieval Nepala-mandala,.
After the fall of Vijayanagara, the Portuguese attacked Vijayanagara's feudatories along the coast of Kanara and established fortresses at several strategic places.
He relates the events of the War of the Three Feudatories from 1673-1682, and his perspectives on military life, survival, and killing.
The foreigners were disarmed as a safety precaution the Chinese officials from the Board of Ceremonies insisted on, following attempts by Chinese feudatories to assassinate the Emperor during audiences, though despite the ambassador's displeasure it was a common practice in Europe as well, as O.
Trier and Cologne were regarded as sovereign princes as feudatories of the Empire.
Her first chapter describes the establishment and institutions of Venetian rule, stressing the importance of the Latin feudatories on whom the home government -- constantly involved even from afar -- depended for controlling and defending the island.
There is no explicit religious element in the solitary account that has survived of the dramatic political and administrative break between Angkor and its erstwhile feudatories to its west.
Locally, the Mewar Bhil chiefs acknowledged the authority of Udaipur's nominal feudatories, also often Rajputs.
97) Indeed, territorial demarcation between such city-states once again became amorphous, since feudatories held contiguous domains across borders.
Principal wars: revolt of the Three Feudatories (1674-1681); Dzungar War (1690-1696); intervention in Tibet (1705-1720).
The chief and most surprising result of his analysis is the large disparity in landed property that divided the great barons from the lesser feudatories.
He wrote to Pakistan (Liaqat Ali Khan) for aid: "The Indian Dominion seem to have made out a perfect plan of strangling Junagadh on all fronts, internal and external, with the help of our own feudatories who have been bought over with promises of independence and aggrandizement, our supplies are being cut off.
There were nearly hundred feudatories and princely states within the territory unified by the military efforts of the Kingdom of Gorkha.