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bring (a country or people) under feudalism

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In so doing, the church without any doubt assured its own survival as an independent institution within a society that was being feudalized.
Jonson has pastoralized the river and feudalized the Wroth estate, in accord, that is, with James's claim to be the lord of all the land of England.
In this chapter she argues for the existence of fundamental differences between the nobilities of the North and of the Midi, differences which developed in the Middle Ages as the North became feudalized and its nobles essentially rural dwellers, while the Midi remained much more tied to its Roman traditions and much less feudal with its nobles remaining much more urban dwellers.
Blackbourn and Eley's left critique of the Sonderweg thesis found a conservative counterpart in the work of Thomas Nipperdey, who questioned Wehler's portrayal of the German middle classes as weak and feudalized but also stressed the Kaiserreich's potential for democratic and liberal reform.
Unlike Applegate and Weindling, most essays challenge the Sonderweg paradigm not so much by examining hitherto neglected areas of civil society, but by re-examining precisely those aspects of bourgeois life that have long been used to support two of its key propositions: (1) that the German bourgeoisie became feudalized and (2) that it was especially statist.