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bring (a country or people) under feudalism

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Rutbavi - hierarchical, with a tendency towards feudalization and usurpation of the power of the tribesmen by the leader; these leaders have the ability to influence the orientation of their followers, either directly or through their representatives, who allow the leader to maintain influence even if he resettles in the city.
Public advisory groups have the potential to provide this role but the extent to which ecocentric views, or dissenting views in general, are restricted from the discourse speaks to the feudalization of this public sphere.
In contrast, the stifling Keluarga Rahmat (Rahmat Family) soap opera of the late 1980s was experienced by viewers 'as a feudalization of their lifeworld' (p.
Feudalization, which went into effect with the extensive application of the timar system, is perceived as developing in "an inverse relation" (p.
His model appears, then, as a variant of a thesis often argued recently: in one way or another, the feudalization of the eleventh century was a necessary precondition for the birth of the modern state.
Scandinavia largely escaped European tendencies toward feudalization, but the imperial expansions of first Denmark and then Sweden encouraged the development of nobility heavily involved in military and bureaucratic service to the imperial state.
This development was apparently not prevented by feudalization of the class.
The feudalization thesis is a favorite topic of the Sonderweg discussion.
She rejects the applicability of the feudalization thesis.
The feudalization thesis, it must be pointed out, comes in at least two versions: (1) the claim that the upper bourgeoisie was becoming socially absorbed into the aristocracy; (2) the claim that the bourgeoisie aped aristocratic manners and adopted aristocratic values.
Like Geary, most essays challenge the feudalization or statism theses not so much on "what happened" but on the meaning of what happened.
However, historically speaking Muslim women lost the rights they had due, mainly, to feudalization of Islam dominated by patriarchal values.
The state must be aware that this is an attempt to local feudalization which can have dangerous consequences for more than 60% of protected areas in the country," warned the coalition.
As for the misuse of scholarship, Levine presents Susan Reynolds as advocating feudalization and Michael Sheehan as supporting the notion that servile or dependent persons enjoyed free choice of marriage partners.
Moreover the increasing feudalization of society, with its privatization of courts and its emphasis upon vertical links with great territorial lords, tended to preclude the emergence of a gentry, at least for a time.