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the social system that developed in Europe in the 8th century

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But no lesser has been injurious and hurtful the entrenched feudality to the mass of the citizenry in the province.
He reviews many studies about the effect of Latin America's value and introduces some cultural factors including tradition, family, ethnic and local identity, aristocracy caused by half feudality, prudence, and avoidance as important deterrent variables on the way of advancement.
Does anyone think in all honesty that the royal scions of the Baloch feudality spearheading the terrorist campaigns in Balochistan are their own masters who can decide on their own?
And if, as is the self-styled nationalist galaxy so fond of saying, the establishment at the centre has colonised the Baloch people, the feudality of sardars and chieftains have literally enslaved the Baloch people.
And if the centre is an exploiter of the Baloch people, the feudality is no lesser a rapacious exploiter of them.