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of or relating to or characteristic of feudalism


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This mistreatment highlights an intention to advocate the new concept of family life in postwar Japan and paint the old feudalistic family system in a negative light.
25) By "below," it is meant that states achieved acceptance of a centralized authority over that of, at times, loosely held together historical feudalistic models; whereas "above" meant the removal of the last vestiges of papal and empirical political supremacy.
Despite the Nirbhaya gang rape in 2012, an incident that shook India to the core and forced it to examine its centuries-old bias against women, the issue of rape continues to elicit shockingly feudalistic responses from India's politicians.
Views of Farooq are inconsistent with the Pakhtun cultural traits that consider women as subservient to man and sometimes uphold the feudalistic tendency of taking woman as a personal property.
On account of the small holdings, modern methods of agriculture cannot be successfully carried out unless the government to abolishes the feudalistic system.
It addresses the socio- political issues, dying culture of cultural organisations and feudalistic attitudes.
This involves a new moral and ethical quality that does not depend on the old social value of filial piety, which favours feudalistic institutions and family structure.
This grievous deficiency is rooted in the mindset of our feudalistic political leadership (even the urban elite is tainted by it).
In hindsight one must admit that the SS played a critical role in transforming India from a feudalistic society to a modern one.
Indeed, the cultural primordial was evoked to reject the moral high ground that was feudalistic and seen as an impediment in the cultivation of free individuals for a new Republican nation.
Around the 14th century, when feudalistic society pushed women's social spheres farther away from men's, we find the beginning of women's language called nyoubo kotoba--[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], which is the language of court ladies.
This is also reflective of their feudalistic mindset of being surrounded by numerous gunmen at all times, paying no heed to the suffering caused by their protocol.
The sea tenure concept developed for the purposes of conflict avoidance in light of feudalistic governance of aquatic yields (Ruddle, 1992).
The society is caste ridden and of feudalistic character.