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of or relating to or characteristic of feudalism


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In the mid-nineteenth century, this customary fishery management by local government became radically converted into central management when the feudalistic government of the Tokugawa family was overthrown and replaced by the Meiji government.
It was melodic and gaudy, telling the story of a heroic young woman who during the Japanese war was cruelly mistreated by her feudalistic Chinese landlord.
The poet counts on the torturer recognizing that he and his class cohort are pawns in an elite patriarchal project that took the form of colonialism to perpetuate the goals and primitive accumulation processes of a feudalistic mentality no longer tenable on European soil.
The transition of society from an agrarian and feudalistic existence to one with a capitalistic slant has been the defining theme of contemporary civilization studies.
is incense-burning, Buddha-worshipping and spirits-invoking "normal" religious activity, or is it abnormal feudalistic superstition?
At the age of 17, this young Swiss lady became art tutor to King Louis XVI's sister at the Palace of Versailles and then, during the French Revolution, she was hastily forced to prove her allegiance to the feudalistic nobles by making the death masks of executed aristocrats.
The weakness of the top level of authority of the Thai sangha is in its feudalistic structure.
Arguably what this seemingly progressive gesture really does is smuggle back in feudalistic norms best captured by the age-old Chinese proverb "Under the wide heaven, all is the king's land" (North mountain, n.
So, I think, do not equate or target Congress party for forming feudalistic structure.
Despite passage of 64 years, he said that feudalistic system still existed in the country.
The problem with this part of O'Connor's (and Berger's) argument is that it ignores the complexity and prominence of Macduff's role as nemesis to Macbeth and as restorer of the true warrior ethic that seeks above all to protect the chief and the tribe, and which in turn provides Malcolm with a platform from which he can launch a late feudalistic, neo-statist government.
He also stated that with the omission of sub-article 4 in Article 17 of the constitution, the feudalistic and undemocratic hold of party bosses had been further strengthened.
The existing paradigmatic structure determined by the feudalistic mindset discourages women's empowerment including employment and considers it a socially reprehensible phenomenon.
This is so because the private sector carries a feudalistic mindset as it simply grew from the landed feudal system and does not realise that wealth is created because of society, the people and the state.
2) While the first two novels reflect the feudalistic colony in decay, the second two reflect the ascension of the bourgeoisie.