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the social system that developed in Europe in the 8th century

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Rather than adopt the feudalist argument that none of us should have healthcare, why not insist that we all have healthcare?
The movement was denounced as decadent, unhealthy, feudalist, the product of capitalist commercialization, and catering to the vulgar tastes of the urban petite bourgeoisie.
Emperor Chin's achievements are astounding -- he was the first to unite China, abolished its feudalist past, gave the country its name, and commanded ten times as many subjects as the Pharaohs of Egypt.
Older trade union cadres are to be found mainly at the level of branch federations, that suddenly declared autonomy and are behaving in a rather feudalist manner, refusing joint integration with other unions.
But more than any other consideration, the people voted for action and for the candidates committed to delivering it, in some cases discarding their feudalist, sectarian and regional loyalties to do so.
The Dovgans and the Luzhkovs offer their own versions of capitalism: feudalist, corporatist, or rampant.
The culture celebrated by the universities, is in the main, bourgeois, feudalist, slave-owning, anti-democratic.
As the social crisis deepened in the 1840s, this feudalist argument yielded to the concept of the "social kingdom," which Beck calls the central idea of social conservatives prior to 1870.
Officers added insult to injury they had already caused the bourgeoisie by depicting them as feudalist lackeys of imperialism.
According to Waliat Khan that workers should reject the feudalist and capitalist politician and chose honest workers instead.
for which Soyinka in the play provides a metaphysical rationalization rests on the patriarchal, feudalist code of the ancient Oyo Kingdom, a code built on class entrenchment and class consolidation" (1985, 34).
Before examining the relationship between Islamic religion and economics, it is pertinent to define clearly the term Islam in its origins as a reform movement and in its historical development during the medieval feudalist period as a legalistic ritual.
In Britain and France feudalists had put up a bloody resistance to the change but they could not stand before the capitalists' democracy.
He said there was a confrontation between the oppressed and the oppressor in the country and the JI was striving to unite the workers and the downtrodden on one platform against the feudalists and the tyrants.
There have been problems with the union movement, as with democracy, but like democracy, it's still the best system for protecting workers from the abuses of "entrepreneurial feudalists.