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the social system that developed in Europe in the 8th century

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The problem is that neither does the concept of urban bourgeoisie nor that of feudalism fit into the real class formation of the country.
Michael Barry's production moves the master-servant action forwards into the Upstairs, Downstairs era of the 1920s and, accordingly, makes all the feudalism and sexual politics of the plot even more repellent.
The division by topics makes it easy for students to select a volume appropriate for a report: Monarchs (0836858964), Travel And Trade (0836858999), Monks And Monasteries (0836858972), Knights, Castles And Warfare (0836858956), Feudalism And Village Life (0836858948), Churches And Religion (0836858921), Cities And Towns (083685893X) and The Plague And Medicine (0836858980) all provide about 6 chapters each covering history, social and cultural issues, and more.
If the Fed acts on Bernanke's musings about fighting deflation by buying "a wide range of private assets," concludes Daughty, "we're headed for a 21st century version of feudalism, albeit a more humane variety than we've seen before.
SALVATORE LOOKS at the lives of the farmworkers on cattle ranches from the 1820s to 1850s, a period when feudalism and dependent peonage predominated.
African slave raids on Southern Europe, Russian serfdom, UK feudalism etc?
The way the rules are currently framed, the choice appears to be between total anarchy and 18th-century feudalism.
We don't know exactly the causes of that, but we can speculate, for example, that feudalism was rather bad for these things, because feudalism encouraged vertical ties.
In a brief review, it is impossible to do anything but adumbrate the perversity of the opinions of this profoundly illiberal and antimodernist "reformer"; as "a violent Tory of the old school;--Walter Scott's school, that is to say, and Homer's," Ruskin was in principle opposed to neither feudalism nor slavery.
Reeder opens her book with a description of daily life in the agrotowns of nineteenth-century rural Sicily where many families were left out of landownership even after the collapse of feudalism.
Many manuscripts were destroyed in the Cultural Revolution (1966-76), partly because of suspicion the script was a spy code and partly because it was regarded as a reflection of Chinese feudalism.
Or that it would be joined by militant Islamist groups, a move once considered unthinkable, since the Left had always regarded Islam as a relic of feudalism and Islamists regard leftists as atheist enemies who should be put to the sword.
Summarizing Cristina Malcomson (Heart-Work [1999] 30), Beecher notes that "charactery belongs to an historical moment between feudalism and individualism when the quiddities of personhood were classified according to the socially constructed desires that motivated them, whether toward openly mercantile or toward deviously ambitious ends,.
These isles have embraced the New Feudalism and there's no going back.
During his reign 1867-1912, feudalism was abolished under a five-point Charter Oath, a parliament formed, and an Imperial Rescript on Education issued.