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the social system that developed in Europe in the 8th century

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Sindhu said that like any other society Sindh had its problems like pir worship, feudalism, caste system and farmers' plight, and the writers highlighting these social evils, taking up resistance for a social change.
Feudalism has strong roots and people are rarely able to stand up for their fundamental rights.
Download Riachy says rejection of corruption, political feudalism shall continue despite many battles NNA - Information Minister Melhem Riachy vowed Saturday that the Lebanese Forces shall pursue its entrusted march against corruption and political feudalism in the country despite facing many battles, noting that "the state we are trying to build is for all of us and not for one team against another.
Levebre presents readers with a comprehensive examination of the life of the city from feudalism to modern industrial capitalism through the lens of the work of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.
Instead of boasting about Marcos, his examples should be Bonifacio and Commandant Castro in the fight against imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism,' Elmer Labog, chairman of the Kilusang Mayo Uno, told protesters in a rally in Mendiola on Wednesday.
It's a relic of feudalism," says Cllr Michael O'Brien, sounding like a character from The Life Of Brian giving out about the Romans.
Speaking on the occasion, Professor Fateh Mohammad Malik said both the Quaid and Iqbal through their thoughts had opposed capitalism and feudalism.
Common man from Tribal areas will enjoy rights and civil liberties at par with other areas of the province and also end the feudalism from the area,' he added.
It is a relic of feudalism, with a taint of nepotism and corruption" - Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell.
Cole aims to present a "different Hegel," one whose famous dialectic of the master and the slave is "a materialist critique of feudalism so rigorous and perceptive, so illustrative of the dynamics of identity/difference, as to be the signal instance of what makes theory 'critical' in the first place.
It is an economic system steeped in medieval feudalism, wrapped in a new definition called capitalism.
The retired general said MP Michel Aoun's party had also shifted from countering feudalism to becoming "the stronghold of feudalism," centered around one political family.
capitalism has turned out to be worse than feudalism for U.
Feudalism is an economic concept in which we discuss feudal relations with society and state.
TEHRAN (FNA)- History never repeats itself, but from time to time, consciously or not, some influential men attempt to force us into the monstrosity of their imaginary time machines to try to reverse decades, and in the case of feudalism, almost a millenium of social progress.