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a man of rank in the ancient regime

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Almost any person who does well financially now takes on the airs of a feudal lord, lives with a retinue of subservient servants and drives around with a private army of armed guards.
A THE medieval term "freeman" referred to a person who was not the property of a feudal lord but enjoyed privileges such as the right to earn money and own land.
Step inside and you can feel the history of the place, which was built as a family home for the feudal lord, Lord of Wyck Rissington.
At 75, Kurosawa made a film about a feudal lord who retires from ruling his kingdom, dividing it among his three sons (unlike Lear's three daughters).
I would beg everyone in Wales to respond to the Welsh Assembly's document Technical Advice Note 8, before we lose our beautiful scenery forever, for the rabid beliefs of these 'Greens' and to the profiteering of our local feudal Lord of the Manor of Gower, the Duke of Beaufort, for a trickle of electricity.
In this clever retelling of a Japanese tale, the daimyo, a powerful feudal lord, is distressed when a savage rat moves into his castle.
The name comes from a feudal lord and means John's dwelling or homestead.
In the mountains of northern India, a warrior (Irfan Khan) decides to lay down his sword after the cruel feudal lord he works for asks him to destroy a poor village.
It was able to cohere as a community in the face of a peasant rebellion, a notoriously tyrannical feudal lord, an earthquake, and countless other vicissitudes.
The medal was found July 27 near ruins of a house occupied by Otomo Sorin (1530-1587), a Christian daimyo or feudal lord who welcomed Christianity, and is the second of its kind to be found in Japan.
The folded hands were originally a sign of homage to a feudal lord and then were adopted as an appropriate posture for prayer as well.
Among the topics considered are the "structure and evolution of an aristocratic patrimony", "the management of an aristocratic landed patrimony", "the feudal lord and his vassals", "aristocratic strategies for preservation of family wealth," and "the aristocracy and the Spanish rule.
16) Since each state used its own calendar, numbering years from the ascension of whichever feudal lord was on the throne, a single event such as this can help tremendously in fixing relative chronologies.
40 a week as hospital orderly in the 250-man prison, has been told to stop roaming the nick like a feudal lord and stay in the hospital during working hours - 7am to 5pm.
The Vargases came from Extremadura, one of the poorest regions of Spain, and took their name, as was then customary, from the feudal lord of the region, on whose lands they worked as farm hands.