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a man of rank in the ancient regime

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In 1587, Christians were ordered expelled from Japan and all Christian feudal lords asked to renounce their faith.
The feudal lord said that he was satisfied that both parties agreed on the decision made under his supervision.
On the advice of Jalal Khan, the feudal lord, both Kamran and his wife refuse to vaccinate their only child.
The mutual obligations between the feudal lord and vassal determine Timon's behaviour toward people from different social strata.
In this clever retelling of a Japanese tale, the daimyo, a powerful feudal lord, is distressed when a savage rat moves into his castle.
In the mountains of northern India, a warrior (Irfan Khan) decides to lay down his sword after the cruel feudal lord he works for asks him to destroy a poor village.
It was able to cohere as a community in the face of a peasant rebellion, a notoriously tyrannical feudal lord, an earthquake, and countless other vicissitudes.
The medal was found July 27 near ruins of a house occupied by Otomo Sorin (1530-1587), a Christian daimyo or feudal lord who welcomed Christianity, and is the second of its kind to be found in Japan.
The folded hands were originally a sign of homage to a feudal lord and then were adopted as an appropriate posture for prayer as well.
Interested in haiku from an early age, Basho^O at first put his literary interests aside and entered the service of a local feudal lord.
Among the topics considered are the "structure and evolution of an aristocratic patrimony", "the management of an aristocratic landed patrimony", "the feudal lord and his vassals", "aristocratic strategies for preservation of family wealth," and "the aristocracy and the Spanish rule.
A soldier of humble origins, he rose to become a feudal lord (daimyo) through ambition and ability; he gained control of Izu province in east-central Honshu, near modern Tokyo, and later expanded his domain to include nearby Sagami; secured his domain through his victory at Echigo (1510); constructed a great castle at Odawara; although he assumed the Hojo name, he had nothing to do with the old Hojo regents of the Kamakura period.
Don Tello, a feudal lord of the region, consents to the marriage but, on seeing Elvira, determines to possess her himself and carries her off to his castle.
Narrating story of his son's murder back in his hometown 3 years ago, Jalal said that a feudal lord of the area had allegedly conspired murder of his son to take revenge of his humiliation as members of his family had disobeyed him.
On December 23, 2017 Shahrukh Jatoi, the son of an influential feudal lord, and other defendants in the Shahzeb Khan murder case were released from custody on bail after Shahzeb's father submitted an affidavit in support of the defendant's bail application.