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pasta in flat strips wider than linguine

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Cook fettuccine according to package directions, adding broccoli during last 3 minutes; drain and keep warm.
The homemade spinach fettuccine served with tomato sauce and rocket salad was one of my favourites.
INFORMATION: Slendier Organic Konjac Fettuccine and Angel Hair, PS2.
INFORMATIO| Slendier Organic konjac Fettuccine and Angel Hair, PS2.
Features an ecclectic menu including crisp Peking duck with ginger sweet-potato mash, spinach- and goat-cheese-stuffed chicken breast with fettuccine in roasted pepper sauce, jumbo crab ravioli, saffron risotto paella and pecan-crusted halibut.
coriander fricassee brisket cinnamon fettuccine pistachio portabella ricotta rigatoni
The standard Italian fare includes eggplant-and-salmon crepes, fresh lobster atop fettuccine, and pork tenderloin with taragon dijon cream sauce.
The company's USDA-certified, stone-milled organic pastas are available in spaghetti, fettuccine, angel hair, penne and spiral shapes.
While fettuccine is cooking, heat oil in 12" skillet over
Cook fettuccine according to the packet instructions,drain and set a side.
But what you put on your spaghetti or rotini or fettuccine is no longer limited to Prego, Rag6, or Hunt's.
That's the crew that famously dubbed fettuccine Alfredo a "heart attack on a plate" and wildly predicted gastrointestinal armageddon if the fat substitute olestra ever became popular.
The best thing is to buy fettuccine from a good deli.
Seafood risotto Lobster ravioli Sea scallops fettuccine Beef filet with aged balsamic vinegar and wild mushrooms
Some of their flavors include Spinach and Tomato Angel's Hair, Red & Green Bell Pepper Fettuccine, Whole Wheat Linguine, and Broccoli Rabe Rigatoni.