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bound by chains fastened around the ankles


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You will not deny, Clara, that any thing which is fettered is not free?
The least puff of wind stealing round the corners of the dock buildings stirs these captives fettered to rigid shores.
But unexpected difficulties presented themselves, in the oaths with which the policy of England had fettered their establishment; and much time was spent before a conscientious sense of duty would permit the prelates of Britain to delegate the authority so earnestly sought.
As the night drew on, the horses were hobbled or fettered, and tethered close to the camp; a vigilant watch was maintained until morning, and every one slept with his rifle on his arm.
Kim put his fettered soul into it, thankful for the late chance to abuse somebody in the tongue he knew best.
Since her marriage to Adam and their coming to stay at Doom Tower, Mimi had been fettered by fear of the horrible monster at Diana's Grove.
And then she asked Dejah Thoris who she might be, and when she heard she fell upon her knees and kissed Dejah Thoris' fettered hands, and told her that that very morning she had been with John Carter, Prince of Helium, and Carthoris, her son.
During the short time that I lay there, fettered with chains of gold, I often wondered as to the fate of Thuvan Dihn, Jeddak of Ptarth.
The Appian Way is here yet, and looking much as it did, perhaps, when the triumphal processions of the Emperors moved over it in other days bringing fettered princes from the confines of the earth.
Two horses, with their feet fettered, were fastened by a halter to the lower branches of a large oak.
I not only understood her, but it was just that inner, spiritual force, that sincerity, that frankness of soul- that very soul of hers which seemed to be fettered by her body- it was that soul I loved in her.
Silently and powerfully he strained at the bonds which fettered his wrists.
For an hour or more the prisoner was left to his own devices, which consisted in vain and unremitting attempts to loosen the strands which fettered his wrists, and then he was interrupted by the appearance of the black sergeant Usanga, who entered his hut and approached him.