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a stethoscope placed on the pregnant woman's abdomen to listen for the fetal heartbeat


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In the studies comparing IA with EFM, most used a fetoscope or Doppler device with a 1:1 nurse-to-fetus ratio for evaluating the fetal heart characteristics.
After a demonstration by the instructor, the group breaks into small sections, who alternate palpating for position, listening for fetal heart tones with a fetoscope, and massaging the woman's feet and/or scalp and neck, if she desires.
Before the electronic revolution, physicians listened to the fetal heart with an instrument called a fetoscope.
We could listen to the fetal heart rate using the fetoscope, but access to the fetus for its early developmental analysis was otherwise off-limits; its growth and development were assumed as part of maternal-focused obstetric care.
The kit contained blood pressure apparatus, fetoscope, stethoscope, adult and infant weighing machines, DDKs, and a curtain, mat and measuring tape.
Intermittent auscultation with a fetoscope or doppler, or using the fetal monitor less often and for shorter duration, is usually more conducive to helping birth be normal.
He had wanted to test anew diagnostic tool, the fetoscope, to see how often it risked causing a miscarriage.
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The procedure is carried out with a 2-mm fetoscope, and Nd:YAG laser energy is used "to obliterate all the culprit anastomoses," Dr.
Ezra Davidson tests the new prenatal diagnostic tool known as the fetoscope on low-income black and Hispanic women in South Central Los Angeles just before they have abortions, to see how often fetoscopy itself causes an abortion.
Six glasses refrigerated centrifuge (squares) one liter each for the use of 6 bags of 500 ml (double bag,triple, quadruple and top and bottom system,adult stethoscope recognized brand and long life useful,tippo fetoscope frequency doppler ultrasonic transducer, for evaluating percutaneous arterial and venous blood flow in containing it.