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a stethoscope placed on the pregnant woman's abdomen to listen for the fetal heartbeat


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Ministry of Health speech to launch new fetoscope at National Women's Health.
Fetal movement was present, and the fetal heart rate was assessed with a fetoscope and found to be at a baseline of 130 with good variation.
In the studies comparing IA with EFM, most used a fetoscope or Doppler device with a 1:1 nurse-to-fetus ratio for evaluating the fetal heart characteristics.
After a demonstration by the instructor, the group breaks into small sections, who alternate palpating for position, listening for fetal heart tones with a fetoscope, and massaging the woman's feet and/or scalp and neck, if she desires.
30) Antenatal diagnosis of human hemoglobin disorders cannot be made by amniocentesis; but development of procedures utilizing ultrasound and, more recently, the amnioscope and fetoscope to view the fetus in the womb, have resulted in the detection of sickle cell and Cooley's anemia (thalassemia).
He had a new diagnostic tool, the fetoscope, but did not know how often its use might cause miscarriages.
Before the electronic revolution, physicians listened to the fetal heart with an instrument called a fetoscope.
Tenders are invited for Fetoscope For Fetal Medicine With Video Camera And Monitor
In these cases, a fetoscope guided by USG is inserted in the abdomen to identify both the umbilical cords.
We could listen to the fetal heart rate using the fetoscope, but access to the fetus for its early developmental analysis was otherwise off-limits; its growth and development were assumed as part of maternal-focused obstetric care.
The kit contained blood pressure apparatus, fetoscope, stethoscope, adult and infant weighing machines, DDKs, and a curtain, mat and measuring tape.
Intermittent auscultation with a fetoscope or doppler, or using the fetal monitor less often and for shorter duration, is usually more conducive to helping birth be normal.
He had wanted to test anew diagnostic tool, the fetoscope, to see how often it risked causing a miscarriage.
At the initial visit, fundal height measured 18 cm; fetal heartbeat was auscultated by Doppler but not by fetoscope.