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Synonyms for fetlock

the joint between the cannon bone and the pastern

projection behind and above a horse's hoof

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Pickwick, Sir:- I address you upon the subject of sin the sinner I mean is a man named Winkle who makes trouble in his club by laughing and sometimes won't write his piece in this fine paper I hope you will pardon his badness and let him send a French fable because he can't write out of his head as he has so many lessons to do and no brains in future I will try to take time by the fetlock and prepare some work which will be all commy la fo that means all right I am in haste as it is nearly school time
He afterwards showed me a wisp of hay, and a fetlock full of oats; but I shook my head, to signify that neither of these were food for me.
They found the prairies saturated with the heavy cold rains, prevalent in certain seasons of the year in this part of the country, the wagon wheels sank deep in the mire, the horses were often to the fetlock, and both steed and rider were completely jaded by the evening of the 12th, when they reached the Kansas River; a fine stream about three hundred yards wide, entering the Missouri from the south.
Horrock, at a question from Fred about his horse's fetlock, turned sideways in his saddle, and watched the horse's action for the space of three minutes, then turned forward, twitched his own bridle, and remained silent with a profile neither more nor less sceptical than it had been.
For a few miles the road was good, and they made rapid progress, but suddenly it became only a waste of sand, into which the horses sank fetlock deep at nearly every step.
It is the outsider on Spotform's ratings but you still risk your funds on its fetlocks, just in case.
I really wanted to pay tribute to true champions in Denman and Kauto Star as they bent their fetlocks to the new king of the Cheltenham Hill, the outstandingly gifted Long Run.
He was so weak his hind legs were buckling and his fetlocks dragged agonisingly on the floor when spotted by a passer-by in Coulsdon, Surrey.
Kirk Michael, who returned to make all and justify odds-on favouritism in a hack canter to win his maiden at Wolverhampton by 12 lengths last December, has not been seen since, but Candy said: "We had problems with his front fetlocks, but he has been working well at home and, although he will obviously come on for the run, I would expect him to give a good account of himself.