fetlock joint

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the joint between the cannon bone and the pastern

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The Newmarket trainer said of his charge: "He was a decent two-year-old but then last spring he sustained a bad fracture of his right hind fetlock joint.
A crowd of 15,000 watched in horror as Life of a Lord, who won the Whitbread Gold Cup last season after finishing sixth in the Martell Grand National, broke down with a shattered off-fore fetlock joint with a circuit to go.
Essentially he has torn ligaments at the back of his fetlock joint and, although his recuperation will be long, we hope and expect that he should be back out in a paddock in a few months.
He had a split pastern, but it was a bad one, which went right into his fetlock joint," Balding told me yesterday.
He had a seizure in his fore fetlock joint and had to have a screw put in it, but he's moving fantastically well now.
The seven-year-old, trained by Edward O'Grady, seriously injured his near-hind fetlock joint in the spill, which came when he was disputing the lead with subsequent winner Looks Like Trouble.
MAWATHEEQ, Marcus Tregoning's Champion Stakes runner-up, has damaged a fetlock joint and is likely to be sidelined until at least Royal Ascot.
He said: ""The horse is in the best of hands at the Lambourn Equine Hospital and it transpires he has pulled a lateral ligament in his pastern and when he dragged the leg, he dragged a chip of bone up to his fetlock joint.
This horse had a bad fracture to his fetlock joint this time last year and I thought we were going to lose him," said Bowe.
Later, it was revealed that the horse had suffered a chipped fetlock joint and was being treated in Lambourn.
The vets later confirmed that the only injury he sustained was a minor cut to a fetlock joint.
Immediately withdrawn from the race, the 25-1 outsider was caught nine minutes after the official race time and taken to the middle of the track, where he was found to have sustained just a minor cut to a fetlock joint.
The discovery of heat in a fetlock joint was given as the reason for the defection of Efficient, who had been as short as 5-1 with Betfred after coming from 15th to first to win last season's Emiratessponsored prize.
SYMONDS INN, who finished seventh in last year's Derby, was subsequently forced to miss the St Leger after chipping a bone in a fetlock joint.
Part of the suspensory apparatus of the leg, the suspensory ligament supports the fetlock joint when the leg is supporting a horse's weight.