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Pneumatology must in such a context necessarily resist the fetishizing commodification of the other, where the other includes human as well as non-human neighbours.
In Angelina Jolie's new movie, the agreeable trifle ``Life or Something Like It,'' director Stephen Herek can't get enough of her lips, fetishizing them in a way that attempts to, um, gloss over the movie's shortcomings.
Locke's perceptive and cosmopolitan intellect enabled him to see the limitations of fetishizing race and culture, a talent that distinguished him from other black intellectuals of his day.
Wenonah Hauter, executive director of Food and Water Watch, argues that consumer choice and the fetishizing of farmers markets and local food production is not enough to address the dysfunctions of our food system.
I've forgiven the Rolling Stones for fetishizing me
And there is no denying the gratification that Weber takes in fetishizing Johnson with turbans and costumes or stripping this heterosexual wrestler and having him surrender to the homoerotic fantasy implicit in his sport.
Where is the examination of its colossal presence in those broader cultural processes of fetishizing technology with the technologies of image-making?
The New Art Gallery is built from a limited palette and meticulously detailed yet without fetishizing the detail.
But there is a second way in which Elwood evacuates critical consciousness from the medieval Eucharist, and that is by omitting any attention to both the many overt statements which refuse the fetishizing of grace in the sacrament of Christ's body, and the multiple cultural practices (theatre, guild feasts, urban ceremony, the use of Corpus Christi in the idiom of revolt and rural politics, mystical visions) in which the host is so inventively and often movingly met and used by medieval people.
Derrida is uneasy about what seems to him a fetishizing of the holy city and the holy land that stands at odds with Levinas's usual subordination of the idea of Sinai to the idea of the face.
What is completely different about Generation X nostalgia, though, is that it's the first without pretense that what it's, fetishizing was really all that great to begin with.
The work is mimetic both aestheticizing and fetishizing what is otherwise a confusing biological deformation.
Racialicious called the outfit "a troubling attempt to sidestep authentic representation of a culture and opt instead for racialized fetishizing against Asian women.
From the "money bomb" fundraisers to self-directing groups of volunteers to YouTube videos and the fetishizing of new media, Meili and Nenshi sang from the Democrat's campaign playbook and the Canadian media joined the chorus, eager for some Obama magic.
Just as Sophie Tucker performed in blackface, so does Michael Moore perform as the working class for a privileged audience fetishizing the collapse of the American Dream for the haves while exploiting the have-nots.