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Instead, the public sphere now fetishizes "stars" and their private biographies.
Ultimately, he fails even as a straightforward collector, since the subcultural artifacts he fetishizes have already been repeatedly recycled and are now utterly devoid of significance.
Like his ``Fast and Furious'' films, ``State of the Union'' fetishizes hot rods, gadgets and high-tech weaponry, putting the movie directly in the wheelhouse of adolescent boys with lifetime subscriptions to Stuff magazine.
He's at his nastiest on ``The Curse'' (wishing an ex to ``walk though the darkness with fears that are deep''), and he fetishizes Elvis in style on ``Maybe You Like It, Maybe You Don't.
Will, the high-school geek, is married with two kids, works for his father's cardboard-box business, lusts after his secretary, fetishizes his portfolio (the Dow is surging toward 10,000), and suspects his wife of having an affair with her real-estate agent.
Donegan borrows Godard's reds, blues, and yellows but references the paintings of Barnett Newman; mimicking the filmmaker as well as the male and female protagonists, she peers through a plastic container, flips through a monograph on Newman, mouths phrases from the film, and paints lines with her foot - invoking a shot that fetishizes Bardot's.
Through these appealing arrangements Geelen shows the superficiality and illusory nature of our industrial culture, which fetishizes the functional object.