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In doing so, I want to show that though Conrad felt a deep affinity for the ancien regime's tendency to fetishize certain specific individuals as embodiments rather than representatives of order, peace, and righteousness, he was also suspicious of such operations.
By reading how Conrad engaged with this problematic, we can discover some means of understanding our own tendencies to fetishize what we do, to sustain the kinds of governance we do, and to consent to being ruled as we do.
Tomorrow: The strip began by satirizing the ways in which our society worships and fetishizes consumerism and technology.
Instead, the public sphere now fetishizes "stars" and their private biographies.
Because both the black and the white presses fetishize race, he rightly argues that the Negro artist has become" 'a curiosity .
Will, the high-school geek, is married with two kids, works for his father's cardboard-box business, lusts after his secretary, fetishizes his portfolio (the Dow is surging toward 10,000), and suspects his wife of having an affair with her real-estate agent.
Sawyer/Miller fetishizes Polls, TV ads and focus groups.
Like his ``Fast and Furious'' films, ``State of the Union'' fetishizes hot rods, gadgets and high-tech weaponry, putting the movie directly in the wheelhouse of adolescent boys with lifetime subscriptions to Stuff magazine.
Donegan borrows Godard's reds, blues, and yellows but references the paintings of Barnett Newman; mimicking the filmmaker as well as the male and female protagonists, she peers through a plastic container, flips through a monograph on Newman, mouths phrases from the film, and paints lines with her foot - invoking a shot that fetishizes Bardot's.
He's at his nastiest on ``The Curse'' (wishing an ex to ``walk though the darkness with fears that are deep''), and he fetishizes Elvis in style on ``Maybe You Like It, Maybe You Don't.
Through these appealing arrangements Geelen shows the superficiality and illusory nature of our industrial culture, which fetishizes the functional object.